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    How do you guys pull it off? Especially for the IC folk out there who have no choice. What do you wear? Is it obvious? Are other people fine with it in the change rooms, etc?

    I played lacrosse in college and can not possibly imagine how it would have worked having to wear diapers.

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    Well, my main sporting activites (i think that's a better term for what I do) are skiing, golf, fishing, hiking & mountain biking. For most of what I do it's really not an issue at all. I've done all while wearing a diaper, though biking I probably won't do diapered again.

    As for the other parts of your question, the clothing I wear does an excellent job at covering it and it depends on what I will wear. For something like biking or golf, I would only wear something like a depend pull up type. For skiing, it really doesn't matter, I've worn an abena x-plus skiing and due to the clothing I wear skiing, nobody would notice.

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    For some sports, it wouldn't be much of a problem, since for some you don't move as much...For more strenuous sports, a diaper that better for active people should probably be worn

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    I'm bowel/bladder IC, I surf, ride dritbike, snowboard, and have a street bike.

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    I love mountain biking, but have never done it in diapers, although it could be pretty fun... All the other sports i play, paintball, soccer, tennis, i cant imagine wearing diapers...

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    I'm not a huge sports fan... but my job can be very physical. Loading/Unloading trucks, moving boxes and pallets, climbing up and down ladders all day in the heat (no AC). These things are pretty tough on a diaper.

    I wear the Abri-form Super at work and it does very well... even without any type of supportive cover, just pants over it. I've never had a problem out of them... they are quite discreet, and absorb very well. I can't imagine sports being that much tougher on a diaper.

    I have heard of long-distance marathon runners wearing diapers b/c of the distance they cover and the amount of fluids they drink... maybe find a running forum and ask there.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Here's how I handle the whole gym thing without getting seen wearing diapers:

    When I change from street clothes into gym clothes, I make sure that I arrive wearing a somewhat long shirt. I take my pants off first so that the shirt drapes past the diaper area. Then I put my gym shorts on so that it completely covers the diaper. then I put my gym shirt on.

    If I need to change my diaper at the gym, I do so in the restroom stall and drape my towell over my arm to conceal the used diaper and then I discretely drop it in the trash can as I walk past on the way back to my locker. As far as I can tell, I have never been seen.

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    I once played hockey wearing a Goodnite, which are nice and stretchy so I didn't really notice it once I got in the game.

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    Yeah, playing sports and being active while needing to wear diapers can be challenging. I deal with it in a number of ways:

    1.) Playing baseball is tough because the pants are eh...tight. I try to wear thinner diapers like tranquility ATN or even goodnites in some cases. Anything stretchy or that has really good tapes is a must.

    2.) You have to use powder and cream/lotion/something!!! around your legs where the diaper meets them, or you will end up with major chaffing and rash.

    3.) For any sports where you can wear baggier pants and shorts, the diapers aren't as big of an issue.

    As far as changing in the locker room, I do it in a corner (privately) or in the coaches office, though most of the people that I have played baseball with already know about the diapers anyway. It is definitely tough, but it's not something that will ever stop me from being active and doing what I love.

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    I've played sports all my life and I can't even imagine wearing a diaper during them. =/ I really feel for y'all who are IC and have to.

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