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Thread: Term "adult baby" used on a none AB/DL forum

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    Default Term "adult baby" used on a none AB/DL forum

    I was on this forum lurking and someone on the first page mentions the word "adult baby" but she or he did not mean as in infantilism and wearing diapers. they meant adults who act like children. Then few others mention the word too regarding immature adults. Talk about mis use of the word.

    Adults who act like children

    I wonder if it was just a coincidence though, they happen to come up with that word to describe these people but yet had no clue it already exists for something else. Or are they just being ignorant and think that is what AB is?

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    I saw the phrase "adult baby" being used in a tabloid newspaper referring to what they called the "infantilism" of society. They were suggesting that they way that some adults throw "tantrums" when they don't get their own way, and how childish things become "cool" to previously "inappropriate" ages, like university students watching the Teletubbies, mature women having teddy bears, mums and daughters going to nightclubs together, sharing each others' clothes, etc.

    They made up lots of other phases like "man-child" and "fully-grown kid", so I assume they hit on the phrase "adult baby" by accident and had no idea about AB/DL-ism as we would know it... Kind of like when kids call each other a "cry baby", I think they just picked "adult baby" as a way of belittling (!) adults who behave like kids (in a non-AB/DL way). I think it's probably the same with the forum posts you saw.

    I don't know if I'd say it was a "mis-use" of the phrase "adult baby". In different specialities words have very precise and different meanings. Like, in economics, "materialism" might refer to the way that people express their identity by buying lots of things to show off to other people. While in philosophy, "materialism" is the theory that the corporeal wolrd is what truly exists. The opposite (that thoughts or concepts are what truly exist) is called "idealism"... but outside philosophy it usually means the act of having firm (but usually naive and unpragmatic) principles. Anyway, I'm not sure I'd like the phrase "adult baby" as I feel more like a kid than a baby...

    And yesterday my shrink asked me if I knew what "projection" meant. "Of course!", I scoffed... but he explained Freud's theory of projection and it was completely different to what I thought the word must mean.

    You know what I think? If we keep having to recycle the same words to mean quite different things, then we clearly need to invent more words! That would be far less confusing!

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    Strictly in humor, between me and my wife who knows about me, I've said when talking about whiny celebrities and politicians, "... and I'm an adult baby?" I don't consider it an insult to use "adult baby" as an insult to someone else, when they are not insinuating that our lifestyles are bad.

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    My husband used to call my ex an adult baby and I asked about it here and at DD and they all said he was just lazy, not an AB. My husband was also misusing the word.

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