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    lately i have been having a numbing pain in my right side under my armpit and on the shoulder blade. my friend says i might have pinched a nerve?

    any idea's?

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    Could be, but no one here as far as I know at ADISC is a doctor. Your best bet is to actually go in a see someone.

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    You have a case of needtoseeadoctoritis, you should get it checked out.

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    When it comes to medical issues, you can never assume it's probably one thing when it could be something else altogether. Sometimes one problem can be masked because of similar symptoms which are incorrectly associated to another unrelated problem. As everyone has already cautioned - see your family physician and don't assume. Hope that's all it is, a simple pinched nerve or something similar and easy to treat.


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    You are in Canada...go to the's FREE! sheesh *shakes head*

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    just got in from doctor, might have scoliosis

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    That's what my son suffers from. Carrying boxes around when he worked in retail aggravated his condition and caused him a lot of pain later on. Good that you went ahead to the doctor and got checked out.


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