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    This might have came up before in the past, but I'm not completely sure. I discovered a website called MANties - Panties made just for men that sells panties with specially crafted crotch regions to fit men.

    Although my common sense plainly states "diapers rule, panties drool" I've been thinking about investing in enough manties that I can just use them as my average underwear. Tbh I've been reduced to 2 pairs of boxers so 99% of the time I'm free balling (the other 1% I'm in diapers at home.)

    These manties seem really sexy and seem like something I wouldn't be ashamed to show off to a cute boy or an open minded cute girl. So has anyone else tried these ? What suggestions would you make as far as what to get ? High cut, average, lacey, embroided, etc ? I'd like to get some opinions before I buy a wardrobe of underwear I could potentially not like.

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    They are over priced by my standard for what they are I have bought many a tailored panty for m2f waiting for op or choosing to be non-op, and you can do better than going through their site. I have seen them before, but sort of felt the way babyemo does and just left and bought my underwear elsewhere, including brick and mortars. That and everything I have seen on their site is just a modded vanity fair full cut nylon brief, cheap and readily available at most stores with out raising an eyebrow, often under $2 pair in fact I am wearing a yellow pair right now as I needed something lose and light today, that I put some nice stretch white lace on legs as gathers to make them feel more girly, the lace is cheap from the fabric store and easy to put on if you are crafty.
    Anyway hopefully that helps point you in the right direction.
    A girl with the wrong parts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyemo View Post
    SWEET JESUS that website creeps me out.
    i have seen it and i am in full agreement with Emo on this......

    if one want's to be feminine; then one should do their best to use/wear stuff made for their feminine counter-part to achieve this.
    otherwise, it's just fetish-wear made for "men"...... is that what you want? "made-for-men".......

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    ...why would you not jus' go to target and buy knickers there? They're $4.99 for a 10 pack.

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    Are they honestly trying to market their 'manties' as a better version of mens underwear!? For a bachelor party, anniversary or wedding gift? Congrats bro heres a gift card for manties. I don't think that would go over well with most people.

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    No, they're trying to offer them to transvestite-scale fetishists who like the idea of wearing lady's underpants. Thing is, once they're no longer lady's underpants, doesn't that defeat the point? o.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinklebell View Post
    No, they're trying to offer them to transvestite-scale fetishists who like the idea of wearing lady's underpants. Thing is, once they're no longer lady's underpants, doesn't that defeat the point? o.o
    I don't really think it defeats the point. Not really, anyway...I mean, I bet most men can't fit that well into actual ladies' panties, right? And if they can fit in like some extra extra large sizes, most of the time those sizes don't offer that sexy or cuteness it kinda makes sense for there to be someone who makes underwear in mens' sizes that are pretty and feminine...if that makes sense.

    I don't think the site is particularly creepy. I mean, I'm not trans, but...I'm looking at them now and I actually think that most of them are really, really cute. Some look like they could even be diaper covers, if there's a large enough size, lol.

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    Hi SpecterPrincess. I would suggest that you not waste your money on the Manties. To echo what Adella said, they are really rather pricey for being nothing more than women's panties that have had some lace or embroidery added to them. As far as I can tell, they offer no extra room to accomodate a man's anatomy at all. A proper sized woman's panty would fit just as well as the Manties. Tinklebell is right, just go to a department store and buy yourself some pretty women's panties. Save yourself some money.

    The Manties are really just a woman's panty, there is nothing about them that is specifically designed for men alone. The whole 'made-for-men' slogan is more of a mental ' smoke-screen ' than anything else. Saying they are 'made-for-men' is just a way to preserve a fragile male ego. A man who is very insecure, or feels guilty about having any feminine feelings or desires (i.e. wanting to wear pretty panties) can tell himself, " Yeah, I like to wear frilly underpants, but these Manties were made for men, so I am still manly because my Manties were made for men, not women."
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    I own like 5 pairs of regular women's panties that I haven't worn in over a year. The main reason for this is my balls won't stay inside of them at ALL. Often one testicle dangles from each side, or in a worse case my whole ball sack just slips its way out one side. And with an erection ? There's no way in hell they can contain that. There's just not enough room. That's why I thought manties seemed like a great idea, but I guess they're just another marketing scam. Capitalism, right ?

    As for the replies from littlelodgewrecker and Tinklebell about how "because they're made for men that automatically contradicts the purpose because the goal is to wear women's clothing." Yes, made for men is what I originally sought after because they'd actually fit me. To call panties designed anatomically for men stupid would be like calling Bambino diapers stupid. That's like saying "you shouldn't wear Bambinos because the objective is to look like a baby, however they're anatomically designed for adults so that defeats the purpose. You should buy baby diapers (that don't fit) instead." All women's clothing is for me is another fetish. I have absolutely no desire to be a woman, just to dress up like one for fun. It's all about a look for me. And trust me, the last reason I'd consider manties over panties would be shame. If I was ashamed I wouldn't have considered buying a whole set of them !

    But overall, thank you Fifigal for informing me fully on this hoax before I got stuck with several more pairs of panties I can't wear. If you or anyone else actually find a pair of panties that can hold a man's genitals fully, please let me know because I want to buy some.

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