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    so for those of you who dont know what spooning is heres a definition from urban dictionary

    A horizontal hug where the friends/lovers lie back to chest, and fit into each others nooks. Like little spoons in a drawer.
    My boy lies behind me and proceeds to wrap his arms around me, as I lie in front feeling fully content.

    so i was just asking cause at a party i was at for the theatre kids totally was spooning with a guy friend we fell asleep like that and it was really nice...( no we weren't there only ones snuggling... but still it was cold and he kept me warm and it was really nice)
    so how many people here like to do this with there partner?

    i know this is innocent but i put it in the mature topics cause it kinda goes hand in hand with other stuff *wink wink*

    P.S.i know im 14 but it was innocent everyone was sleeping on the floor i just said i was cold and yeah ... hes just a good friend....

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    i love spooning with my girlfriend.

    it just makes me feel so secure. also i love knowing that she is falling asleep in my arms.

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    yeah that's how i felt i felt really secure in his arms just feel him holding me...

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    Spooning rocks - it's the perfect way for two people to sleep/relax, especially on colder days. It doesn't even have to be sexual at all, I mean not too long ago when humans lived in cages they all slept close together to share their body heat


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    ... not too long ago when humans lived in cages ...
    Peachy is there something you're not telling us about Germany? .

    Anyway, I like it, but my gf prefers me to face her.. but I can't sleep well that way, I think because of the breathing into each other's faces thing.

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    Problem is, I move a lot when I sleep, so I'd feel bad for anyone who spoons with me.

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    Me and peachy do that ALLL!!!! the time:P

    Anyone in the chat will get it.

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    Ima do it. With or without pants, however, I don't know.

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    all right, i have a funny story here.

    at the boy scout summer camp i worked at, we have these little cabins calles quads (2 people per). one night, someone deciedes that they wanted to have a sleep over in their quad. they got 8 people sleeping in one quad, and it was a tight fit. i was on one of the beds with this other kid, and we decided to spoon to make more room on the bed (and cause it was funny at the moment). well he's bi and made the mistake of taking the back. soon he said we needed to switch (you know why...). i'm asexual, so i didn't get aroused, and i didn't care that he did, but it was SO comfortable. when i finally do get into a relationship, i know i'm going to enjoy it so much.

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    My wife and I used to do it when we were younger. Didn't know it was called spooning back then. Anyway, she feels closed in and confined easily now and needs her "space" in order to fall asleep. Plus certain aches and pains keep her from staying on one side for very long. Getting older sucks!


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