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Thread: Just wanna Cry about now. Considering using diapers is this strange?

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    Default Just wanna Cry about now. Considering using diapers is this strange?

    Hey everyone
    Iím Paige and Iím 25 years old. Iíve posted here before but its been quite some time. I officially came out to my family as a MtF transgender woman about a year and a half ago. Now Iíve I recently started hormone replacement therapy which seems to going good. However right now I feel like Iím about to cry, as Iím considering going back to wearing diapers at night again. Due to having to take 100mg of Spiroonolactone twice a day which is also a diuretic by the way, It has also caused sever night time nocturia. I wake about every two hours to go pee at night which in the morning I still find my self tired. I feel really shameful and embarrassed wearing diapers at night being that I know I can make to the toilet at night. Now Iíve tried cutting back liquid at night and it doesnít seem to help so you can throw that out the window. As for daytime issues I seem to be peeing more often then I would like.

    Daytimes pretty bad also I find my self using the restroom about every hour or more. Now in the past Iíve dealt with daytime incontinence and had to wear diapers which thank god I no longer have to, but Iím starting to notice small wet spots on my underwear and they usually smell like pee when take them off. Iím also considering on starting to use pads during the daytime. Does wearing some sort of protection sound strange for all of this. I just wanna cry.

    PS Can anyone recommend a good daytime pad.

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    I wore pads for protection for several years during the day. I still use them when I'm at home during the morning when I don't want to waste a diaper. I do most

    of my pooing in the morning so the the pad catches my dribbles. I have used the Poise Hourglass pad since they came out. I use the maximum and like the way

    they fit in my panties and between my legs.

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    You may find that going to the bathroom so often is weakening your bladder, it's no longer used to holding off going to the toilet and may start giving you the need to go urge when you only need a little wee, don't feel bad about using diapers at night if it means getting a better nights sleep then I would, as for the daytime I really think you should consult your doctor and tell them you fear the drugs are causing you serious problems! Hope it works out, I think your really brave to come out to your family, all the best -Steve

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    You should certainly talk to your doctor - there may be an alternative hormone they can switch you to which may cause fewer problems. In the meantime there's no shame in wearing pads. Many women do - and for the same reason - hormones.

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    You say that the leaks in the day are just small wet spots? A poise pad should do the trick. There will be different absorbancies and you can choose which one suits your needs. Secondly, talk to your doctor about a possible replacement hormone, one with less side effects. Oh, and the night time diaper issue is nothing to be ashamed of. Whats more important, that you wear a diaper and get a good nights sleep, or that you wake up every two hours for the pointless task of running to the bathroom. And i would suggest foing kegel exercises and trying hold out as long as you can before going to the loo in the day. Both of these things will strengthen your bladder. Hope this helps

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    As a fellow sister I do suggest you talk to your Endo about the Spiro and its effects on you. Your Endo may cut it back some or change to something similar that might have a better effect for you.

    Don't ever be embarrassed about being who you are. There is nothing to be ashamed about in wearing diapers or anything similar to help you, yes it can be embarrassing to buy them from a store for the first few times but once you realize that the cashiers really don't care what you buy that embarrassment will pass. Many of us here have had similar thoughts about the embarrassment but it does pass and things will get better.

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