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    Ok, I like to plan ahead.. Next spring my mom and I will be traveling from ohio to the grand canyon on the train.
    We leave the station in ohio at 5 am saturday, arrive in chicago at 9am.
    Then we leave at 3pm for grand canyon. We arrive sunday night at 10 pm in grand canyon.

    We have all day monday and tuesday at the grand canyon. We then leave at 4am wednesday and get into chicago at 3 pm thursday.
    We get back to toledo close to midnight on thursday.

    My question and problem is that there is no checked luggage on the trip sure to the station in williams az being un-staffed. My sleeper car will not hold my large rolling suitcase, but if it is "carry on" size I can store it in a common area that has luggage racks.

    I figured needing 27 diapers for the 6 day trip. I figured I needed 9-10 on the way out, which I could likely take in my carry on that I take to my sleeper car.

    I have options.....
    - take what I need for the train ride in my carry on bag that I keep in my sleeper car and the pack the rest of what I need in my larger luggage.

    - same as above, but ship what I will need for while we are in grand canyon and what I need for the trip home to the hotel.

    - same as above, but order a bag of diapers from xp medical to be shipped to the hotel

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    Call the station and ask them if they have a place to store your diapers you will need for the train trip ( I bet they have a place for that) and have a bag shipped to the hotel. you may also need to ask them where you can put used diapers, Oh I know throw diaper form the train. and don't forget to ask for a plastic covered bed..

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    Only you don!

    No, the station in williams junction az is nothing more than a slab of pavement in the middle of nowhere. So if I need something i either pack it in the limited luggage that we can carry on, or ship it

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    Yea, you might know I would come up with some kind of anwser for you. Ok, so if the station will not work with you talk to a train conductor. If you can not make contact with a conductor I would call some of the airlines and ask them what kind of government regulations are in place reguarding baggage for special needs. I know that's not the train people but they should know about the regulations. I bet they are required to accept and place in special storage what ever diapers you need..

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    Having traveled Amtrak and visited the Grand Canyon, though not on the same trip, this would be my plan: Take as many diapers as you need for the train trip to the Grand Canyon in your carry-on. Have the remainder, enough to cover your stay and the return trip shipped to your hotel. However, instead of having them shipped by XP Medical, pack your own box of diapers at home. This way you can pack exactly what you want, and the exact right amount.

    Go online to the UPS or FedEx Ground website. Check the transit time for a ground package from your home to the hotel address, and ship the package so it gets there 1-2 days before you check in. Be sure you write in BIG letters on the box your name and check-in date. For instance: Package for JOHN DOE checking in MAY 20, 2013. For work, I've shipped packages ahead of me to hotels before, and it's always interesting to see how many times they get misplaced, etc., so make sure you mark it BIG and clear. Also, some hotels actually charge a fee to receive a package for you, so have $5-10 cash with you just in case. I doubt they'll do this at the Grand Canyon; it's more common in big cities like NY and Chicago. By shipping the package yourself you can control it from drop-off to delivery, you can mark it correctly, and you can track it, too.

    Enjoy the train trip and the Grand Canyon! Both are wonderful and remarkable. Just remember, if you hike down into the Grand Canyon without a backpacking permit or group tour, you're expected to hike back out again the same day, so plan your descent accordingly. You don't have to go all the way down to the river, and I wouldn't recommend a full descent for a day trip, though going a mile or so down and back up is an excellent day hike.

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    I am not able to do any hiking, my legs and back wouldn't take it. We are staying at the grand canyon railroad hotel the first night, taking the gcr into the canyon, staying at the maswik lodge for a night, then back to the first hotel fire part of the night then back to the amtrak

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    I'd recommend having your package shipped to the GCR hotel, not the Maswik. The Maswik Lodge is crazy busy. You'd have less of a chance of losing the package it if it's shipped to the Grand Canyon Railway hotel. Enjoy your trip!

    And as for not hiking, there are free shuttle buses that take you to different stops around the Grand Canyon rim. Or, if you want to pay, there's also a guided bus tour.

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    I've always wanted to travel diapered, but I've never been brave enough.

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    When go on family trips I am padded, though we usually go by car so I have never had the luggage space problem, let me know how it turns out though as I am going to be in Germany for school for 6 weeks this coming spring and will need to deal with airlines, trains and school. Best of luck sounds like a great trip sorry I can be of much help.

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