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Thread: The "Little" things you do everyday.

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    Cool The "Little" things you do everyday.

    So like me, I'm sure most of you can't (and maybe don't want to) regress everyday, but somehow the Little side of you seems to appear in some way. So my question to you all is: what (mostly) socially acceptable things do you do quite often that appease your Little side? Are these things are a general part of your personality?

    This is what I do:
    1. Watch cartoons everyday. I hardly watch anything else on TV.
    2. Sleep with plushies. I really don't care who knows or sees.
    3. Kid food! Sugary cereals, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, mac & cheese with character shaped noodles, etc. (not an everyday thing, but not rare for me either)
    4. Sleep in footie pajamas during the winter. Believe it or not, my stepmom gave me a pair for Christmas.
    5. Genuinely care about my Piplup plushie. I buckle him in when I have him in the car while I'm driving. And I get mad if anyone squishes his head too much lol.
    6. Express my interest in wanting to play in big boxes and make blanket forts.
    7. Over-active imagination.

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    As I don't live alone I settle for a bottle at bedtime any then sleep with my pacifier!

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    I do 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. Well, I don't actually do 4 yet as I don't have any footie pajamas, but when I get them, I plan on using them in the wintertime at least. For 5 I don't have a Piplup plushie, but I do have some dolls that I like a lot/collect, and if I happen to take one or two with me somewhere for some reason, I buckle them up, too lol.

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    Since I so have the good fortune of living on my own, my list must be weighted accordingly. All the same, my everyday, run-of-the-mill cubbiness includes:

    1. Waking up in a sleeper/patterned pajamas/onesie

    2. Using Johnson's baby wash when I shower

    3. Eating kids cereal, usually Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    4. Watching cartoons while eating breakfast

    5. Saying good-bye to my plushies before I head off to work

    6. Nerming my paci when I get home from work

    7. Using my sippy cup a bit before nodding off

    * I don't pad up everynight; more like two to four times a week. So, that's almost 'everyday', but not quite. ^^

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    When I head for the bathroom when I'm not diapered, I tell myself "time to go potty,' or "time to go poopoo."

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    I do many 'little' things everydat because I very rarely get to do the full baby/ little kid thing

    1. ALWAYS sleep with a plushy and blankie
    2. Wear kiddie underwear of some sort (when not padded)
    3. Wear kiddie pajamas (footies/ nightgowns/ charcter shirts etc.)
    4. Take my lunch to work in an Aladdin lunch box
    5. Drink out of sippy cups or regular cups that have charcters on them
    6. Sleep with a pacifer about 4-5 nights a week

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    My bed is always covered in teddy bears and stuffed animals. And I can't sleep without my "Bowwow"that I've had since I was a real baby.

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    Chicken Nuggets, Macaroni & Cheese, Fruit Snacks,
    Plushies at night,
    Baby channels on TV,
    I used to have Gerber Graduates "Puffs" in my room. They taste really good, actually ^_^
    YouTube playlists with babyish songs/nursery rhymes
    I play with my plushies as if they're my babies (I don't have baby dolls) :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by PPpants View Post
    When I head for the bathroom when I'm not diapered, I tell myself "time to go potty,' or "time to go poopoo."
    Haha I find myself doing this sometimes as well!

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    Ah, not sure if anything qualifies.
    I tend to have chicken nuggets, especially when i feel childish. Over active imagination. Drink from bottles a certain way.
    I tend to just get giddy about random little things, (like having lunch with a special cup, or being excited really really easy).
    Clap when excited. sing the ice cream song even though I didn't have any, the entire day.

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