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    I had my cystoscopy today. I have no tumors and my prostate looks normal.
    The Dr. said that I have a small bladder.
    I am taking vesicare at the moment. He suggested that I can also try Enablex and Sanctura and see which medication works best for me.
    He also suggested I might want to get InterStim therapy.
    What are you thoughts?

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    Educate yourself on the side effect of all of these drugs. Thats probably the best thing. Doctors today like to prescribe pills, lots of pills. Glad to hear there are no tumors though

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    magus, i can honestly say in this case that you are the only one who can decide this answer. Medications are going to affect you differently than many others even with the same issue. You just have to see which one really does work better yourself. As far as the Interstim, you can do the "2 week trial" so see if it helps. It doesn't help everyone tho. Since there is the chance it still won't work, I just couldn't justify the cost. They finally -after a huge runaround- estimated it about $75,000 including the trial).

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    I don't like surgery and with that cost - I will be skipping Interstim.
    I will just continue to go frequently.

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    I'm finding that as I get older, going more frequently is a part of life. You just have to plan around it. I really don't mind since diapers and the need to pee is somewhat sexual. Obviously I'm not always in the mood, and certainly not when I'm at work. At least I can stop into a faculty restroom between classes. It is what it is. I do wish you well in this however. Perhaps the pills will work well for you.

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