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Thread: Afraid of the dark

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    Default Afraid of the dark

    Who else here is afraid of the dark? D:

    It's like, since I have an over active imagination, I see things that aren't there ;_; So I sleep with a nightlight :P

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    I don't have much fear of darkness, sometimes I like to take shower with lights off, for example, I think it's relaxing

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    If I watch a scary movie, I tend to get a bit more jumpy, other than that I don't have any problems. I do get scared by some of the dumbest movies though (Not that the movie was dumb, but dumb that I'm scared of it)

    I thought this was going to be a thread about the old TV show "Are you Afraid of the Dark"

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    Can't say I was ever afraid of the dark. I actually prefer to sleep in complete darkness, because having even a bit of light keeps me up. Although when I ageplay, I turn on a nightlight sometimes =3

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    Definitely afraid of the dark here. I am also afraid of heights, spiders, and clowns. As far as the dark thing goes, I have learned to tolerate it to the point where I can fall asleep in it, however I do still often feel jumpy and also I always have to have a source of light while moving around. The worst places for it to be dark for me are the basement (especially since it's unfinished) and the garage (way to many things in it have been used in horror shows and movies, and I haven't even watched much horror to know this). It certainly isn't an uncommon fear, though people grow out of it at different stages.

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    I won't lie, ever since I saw Aliens when I was four I still somewhat believe a facehugger is going to spring out of my closet in the night... I try and keep it closed.

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    I used to be afraid of the dark when I was a little kid, but not now. Now I embrace the dark because it gives me the edge. I know my house in the complete darkness, where as an intruder would not. Find your animal senses and let them take over. Become part of the dark shadows. This only works against humans however, and as for clowns, remember John Gacey. There was one terrifying clown. "Come home with me cute boy, and we'll play some games."

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    I got over my fear of the dark around my late adolescence. Then I watched Marble Hornets. Then I read House of Leaves.

    I spent a good 5-8 months being fucking terrified of the dark again. x_x'

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    I don't believe I am scared of the dark. But I am afraid of what lurks in the realms when darkness is present. Last night around 3 aclock I was asleep, and in my dream of blackness, I heard a otherworldly, almost like a dog, goat, demon, combo growl come from the other side of my room, even when I awoke to the growl still clear as day.

    I whispered out into my room, not wanting mom or dad to be stirred, "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I rebuke you demon, I command you to leave!" and the growl quit. I turned on my TV and tried to calm down afterwords. Today was terrible trying to stay awake because of that.

    (I think it's interesting that last night it came when I began to develop a want for the Word. Is Satan angry that I'm not doing what he wants? haha, I hope so.)

    I can recall 2 other times this entity came. 1st It was the second night in my new moved in house I heard it at the foot of my bed (asleep). 2nd time I was in full consciousness when I turned off my TV and was trying to get to bed, I heard it to the foot right of my bed.

    Sorry I don't mean to give anyone nightmares

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    I'mafraid of the dark off and on. Like if Ijust watched a scary movie or tv show then yes I would be afraid of the dark for a couple nights. And if not then I wouldn't be scared. Or if I have a scary nightmare. One time when I was six years old I had a horrible nightmare about the dark and I got scared of the dark for two years and had a nightlight which my mom still has my nightloght but she uses it now for decoration in the kitchen.

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