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    I'm looking for some music suggestions. If you take a peek at my page, Toulouse see that I'm pretty darn diverse. Aside from those, I also listen to Simon and Garfunkel, Mumford and Sons, Cage the Elephant, and Lloyd are a few notables. Anyone have some more suggestions? I'm kinda overplayed on Coldplay and TI, so I'm looking for some good alternatives.

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    So much good music out there, the best is vintage 60s, 70s & 80s to me. Melanie Safka, Doors, Stones, Zepplen, Tull, Hendrix, Geils, Meatloaf, PATTI SMITH!, and oh so many more. I wish I could share my music HD with you but RIA and all and I want to stay out of jail. Find Ten years After I'd love to change the world.mp3 I did free.

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    Of Monsters and Men is my favorite band right now.
    Imagine Dragons
    Foster the People
    Young the Giant
    Florence + the Machine
    And Passion Pit's new album is real sick
    Also, if you're looking for something a little more out there, but equally awesome, check out The Mad Violinist and Symphony Crack

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    I like much of old bands, like Mamas And Papas, The Carpinters...

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    I am crazy about Faunts right now; I recommend checking out the track 'Of Nature' by them. Simply exquisite!

    Outside of that, I have my favorite bands: oasis, Jimmy Eat World, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Ryan Adams, Pulp, Slowdive, Gigolo Aunts, The Smiths, Airiel and Tears for Fears are probably my top-ten of all time. ^^

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    Well i don't know maybe you can try my playlist.
    Hard-Fi - Suburban Knights
    Haley Reinhart - Free
    Drake - Headlines
    DJ Khaled - I'm on One
    Kasabian - Man of Simple Pleasures
    Jay-Z & Kanye West - No Church in the Wild
    Linkin Park - Burn it Down
    Gotye - Somebody I Used to Know

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    See if this is diverse enough for you. :p

    Rock n roll fats: domino
    Phycidalic rock: the 13th floor elevators
    New wave: split enz
    Blues: howlin wolf
    Hard rock: wolf mother
    Dubstep: organikisimness

    Take your pick.

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    Classic Rock all the way!

    Def Leppard
    Bon Jovi
    Guns N' Roses

    I could go on, but would take awhile.

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    I've been listening to a full album at a time here lately. Some of the stuff I've been listening to:

    Yeasayer - Odd Blood
    Cocteau Twins - Treasure
    The Raincoats - Moving
    Earl Sweatshirt - Earl ep
    Portishead - Dummy
    The Thirty Years War - ep
    Tyler the Creator - Goblin deluxe edition

    I know that's a very bizarre combination, but that's how I like to mix it up !

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