I made an interesting find today. I went into the pharmacy of a medical clinic to see what sort of diapers they had, and there was a small case of Tena Super diapers on sale (just $5.99 for a case of 12!) Needless to say, I couldn't pass up a bargain like that. The case said they were size small (which I've never seen before) but since they fit 24-36" I figured they'd be fine. When I opened them up, they looked normal - green, yellow wetness indicator, the usual deal. But they were surprisingly thin. And, the big shocker, they were crinkly and had a strip of plasticy material across the top of the front panel. They were like a plastic-backed version of the Tena briefs. I checked and they were apparently manufactured in 2004, which is probably why they were on sale.

They're a tight fit (the tapes are on the sides of my hips) and the wetness indicator, instead of turning blue when wet, just disappears. I've never seen anything like them.

Were all Tenas once like this? Even if no one knows, I hope the story's interesting. And if there's a moral here, it's to try independent pharmacies...you never know what you're going to find!