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Thread: Been to the incontinence clinic

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    Default Been to the incontinence clinic

    I went to the incontinence clinic today finally. I apparently have a flaccid (passive) bladder with very high residual volume (about 400ml out of a total capacity of about 750ml), and possibly a paralysed urethra, no obvious cause yet. So I'm being referred to the hospital for more intensive tests. Yay (not) for more NHS waiting lists.

    The nurse also gave me a useful tip for improving the performance of a diaper. She said not to wear them straight out the packet. Instead, take out all the ones you're going to need for tomorrow, open them out and give them a bit of a shake, then put them in a drawer without squashing them too much. This fluffs up the filler and makes it more effective.

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    Yes i have heard about that thing to. Do it really work?

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    Yes, it does make a difference! It also helps to "massage" them a little. Like, I will put one end under my chin and stretch out my fingertips to 'open' the inner leg cuffs and run it down to the end. Then I'll use the other fingers to run up and down inside the leg cuffs gently a couple times, then fold it over and roll it in my fingers for a couple seconds. Then I'll hold one end and 'rake' my fingers down the middle so it give the diaper that "cupped" look. Then it is much more "form fitting" when I put it on. The difference from the massaging is I notice is that it seems to help with compared to not doing it (tested many many many times) is a little better but not massive. I notice the wicking is better, less clumping from the urine pooling in one area and a 'softer' fit inside the legs. The whole 'procedure' takes seconds.

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    I don't know if it works yet, I've only just started using it. I'll let you know at the end of the day. I've put on the first one that I got out and fluffed up yesterday. It feels noticeably bulkier, and more comfortable.

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    Another quick tip for to grab each end and pull it across your bare knee (knee on the inside of the diaper) back and forth a few times ...this generally helps with the fluffing, and bringing standing cuffs up. Taking them out a while before needed, especially when the diapers are very compressed in the package...does help.

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    Good luck with your tests, by the way...hope they find something easy to remedy!

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    Do you notice the SAP granules that have found their way to the top like to fly everywhere? I started at first to "brush" them off by doing the 'rake' thing but then noticed the cupping made such a nice difference

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    Cupping them definitely helps too, and making sure the leak guards are in the right place, so it's not all bunched up between the legs.

    I'm a little worried about the tests though. Based on some other symptoms I have, I'm inclined to think it might be MS, and yesterday's results did nothing to allay that worry. Oddly though, I'm not actually scared. A couple of years ago those thoughts would have given me panic attacks.

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