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Thread: Concerned Diapers are causing problems :/

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    Unhappy Concerned Diapers are causing problems :/

    Okay first of all sorry for posting such a private topic but its been stuck on my mind worrying me for too long now. :/ Previously I wore diapers 24/7 for months on end. I used to always be able to get an erection normally before i started wearing them but now im finding that i can only really get one when im wearing a diaper, thinking about diapers, or participating in some sort of AB/TB/DL act. Like during sexual activites with my girlfriend (she doesnt know of my AB/TB/DL side), i have to imagine her wearing a diaper and peeing in it whilst wearing a bib and sucking a paci to get hard. I am extremely attracted to my girlfriend and i have no worries at all so thats definitely not the problem..

    Does anybody else have this or have they experienced this or know of anybody who has had the same issue? Is there any way back? I've come to the conclusion that i need to stop being an AB/TB/DL to try and reverse the effects but if this isnt going to help i dont want to give it up :/ This is also putting me off my AB/DB/DL lifestyle somewhat too Not sure what to do anymore..

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    I've been there, to some extent. And there's always a way back.

    Probably the best advice I could give you is to think back to when she sexually aroused you, without having to imagine her in diapers. Of course, it sounds a lot easier than it is. To me, it's more of a Pavlovian thing: you've been getting off on diapers a little too much, which probably led your brain to link sexual arousal to diaper use. Like you suggested, putting the 'lifestyle' on hold for a while, might help. But I'd add to that by suggesting the two of you try some new (vanilla) things in the bedroom as well. New positions, (more) extensive foreplay, different locations, toys — anything to break your rhythm.

    Now, I don't know how long the two of you have been together, but I'd imagine there's still lots to discover — physically and sexually. Within a couple of months, things should be a bit more normal.

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    This probably belongs in the "muture topics" area. Furdle is right, you should try something new, however I've always found that the best way to get a sex life back on track is to abstain from it for a week or longer if you can manage to do so. By the end of the week you'll be so horny that you won't need diapers to get excited. Good luck.


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    So basically you've unintentionally conditioned yourself to only be turned on by AB/DL can definitely go back, but you'll probably have to lay off the AB/DL stuff for a while =/

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    I would say explore other kinks. There is plenty out there that might tickle your ABDL fancy without explicitly pointing to it. What about discipline?

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    Okay guys thanks a lot for the advice its made me feel a lot better (: I'll do exactly as youve all advised thanks a lot. Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum but I wasn't sure where to put it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbbabsie View Post
    So basically you've unintentionally conditioned yourself to only be turned on by AB/DL can definitely go back, but you'll probably have to lay off the AB/DL stuff for a while =/
    I think this is what's happened. I know this will sound lame, but I saw a case like this on one of the many CSI shows, I forget which. The individual had become so addicted to internet porn, that he couldn't perform unless he was watching porn while doing the act with a girl. He got nailed for murder, so at this point, he and the show don't apply to you, but yes, beginning to stop wearing diapers, and breaking away from a 24/7 situation should help you begin to see sex on a more normal basis. If the problem persists, you might want to see a shrink, because you don't want diapers to rule your life, as we say on this site.

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