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Thread: Diapers splitting

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    Default Diapers splitting

    Hi all

    I have this problem that any diaper brand I wear will tear in the groin area with a perfectly straight tear of about 3 inches.

    I'm not a small guy but surely my dips shouldn't be doing this?!

    Any ideas why


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    How tight are they when you put them on? It's strange that the plastic is tearing, unless you're wearing those with the crappy clothlike coating in which case that is probably the problem.

    You might just be too big for the size you're wearing! If it's pulled taut it might tear across the middle after enough time.

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    They're not that tight too be honest, they seem plenty big enough. It's really strange I've never had any problem until now!

    Its happening with both Cuddlz and Abenas so it can't be faulty diapers...

    Maybe I should just change to cloth and plastic pants!!

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    I had it happen a few times with bambino diapers. It could be the fault of the plastic.

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    They may be defective. This has happened to me with a Chinese brand diaper. It happened with my ex too when I let him wear one of them.

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    I had that happen before too and it really irritated me.

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    I've experienced this as well. The only diaper that it's happened to me in, is the M4's. For me, they split on the back part. This only happens if I wear them for long periods of time, like when I'm sleeping. I'm not sure what causes it myself. It's possible that the diaper is on too tight, but I don't personally think so. I think I just got a bad batch of them. But to stop this from happening, I just don't wear an M4 to bed. I'll wear others at night.

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    Maybe I've just got really unlucky with both batches I got! Annoying though it's almost putting me off wearing because what's the point if I'm going to end up with gel crystals everywhere!

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    I have tried this both with M4 and the old Forma M4 copies. Cleaning up the SAP is really annoying!

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    I've had a couple of M4's split and one L4 split, I think sometimes you just get a bad batch

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