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    Okay so I'm at home while not at college and after starting wearing diapers at school I managed to get some because I love them. Well about 2 weeks ago my mom pulled me aside and said that whatever was under my bed I needed to throw away if I didn't want them seen.

    By this time I really thought I was caught but I honestly don't think she knew. While she had me pulled aside I told her that it would be okay if she knew what was under there but that I really really REALLY didn't want dad to know about it. And true to her word, she has not breathed a word of it to dad because....well if he knew, I'd know.

    Anyway back to the point, I thought she knew. Well I've continued to wear them because I even told her they weren't harmful or anything. Well the next day I was suppose to throw them out with the regular trash. I was helping my father do stuff around the house (since he's getting older now :'( ). By the time I got around to doing it, I found out there were already thrown away by my mother.

    Oh CRAP, now I'm in really big duddie!!! She hasn't said anything else about it yet......until now. We were washing the car and she said, "What are those white things under your bed because I'm not sure?". I scramble and I've never been able to admit my this to anyone using my mouth and I can't do it now to my mother. So I told her I didn't want to tell her. Then she says, "Well, yes or no.......nevermind".

    I'm pretty sure she knows now but I'm not 100% sure. I don't know how I'd tell her but I will definitely be showing her the Am I doing this wrong? Does anyone have any better suggestions? Something I needed to get off my chest but couldn't figure out how to blog about it Sad I know

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    Wow. Well first of all, I'm sure your mom knows what "they" are. Diapers are diapers, and look like diapers, unless she didn't look very intently. But if that was the case, she wouldn't have brought them up twice, so it's safe to say, she knows. I think if she wanted a larger, longer discussion, she would have had one with you. My suggestion is to say nothing and let it pass. If she wants to discuss it, she'll bring it up. Moo's article is very good, but there may be a lot more information there than is necessary to share with your mom. If she's starts a conversation on this, I would tell no more than that which will satisfy her concern.

    Parents would naturally be concerned for their child's well being, so discovering diapers is going to fall in that category. When I was discovered by my mom, I simply told the truth. I was very embarrassed about it, mortified in fact. I told her what I had to, that I liked diapers and using them, obviously (since she found used diapers). I couldn't explain why I liked them, but she had heard about it, so she knew some males liked that sort of thing. She wanted me to stop and made an appointment for me with a psychiatrist at a residential mental facility. This was back in the day when homosexuals were put into mental residences against their will. She had also found my gay porn.

    You are doing better than I did, so count your blessings. Wait and see, letting her make the next move. Just tell the bare minimum, and if she has further questions, you can then answer them. Personally, I think nothing more will come of this as long as she doesn't discover more diapers. Good luck.

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    It seems to me that your mother is just unsure as to what is going on. I think maybe you should talk to her about it, I'm not fully sure how she doesn't know what it is she's throwing away though (it seems like you are implying this). In either case, she's probably quite concerned about your well being (as dogboy has said.)

    I think having a one on one private conversation with here could benefit you both. This has to come up with you, and only you. This is your decision to make...

    If you do choose to tell her, I can give you some tips.

    If you are concerned about saying the right words without struggling then write a short letter to give to her in person. She can read the letter and then look at the relevant articles (Print them off as well for example).

    Writing a letter is far easier than saying something face to face, and the hardest step will be simply handing her the letter.

    Anyways, good luck with this.

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    Red face

    I do not know your circumstances or how your parents would react if they knew that you liked wearing diapers, but I would keep quiet and hope it all quietens down. If pushed into answering you need to have a truthful and reliable excuse ready just incase. Perhaps a tame answer that wont scare your mum but you could tell her that you like them ? or you could say something like you have wet the bed once in the past (you may have for all I know) and you are using them as a precautioin as you would hate to ruin the bed. I do know that if someone gets drunk they are more likely to wet the bed, perhaps you had a wild party once and you had a little accident.
    I dunno, it`s your life, (and you have many many years to regret a bad decision) so think about the answer very deeply and come up with a good answer.

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