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    Default Scanner help

    I have purchased a Fire, Police scanner and need help with programming it. I got it at a thrift store for $5 and yes it is digital. Another question I have is where do I get codes to program it?

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    ouch! you may want check a few websites as to the efficacy of scanners, since now, many emergency services use encrypted communications. the scanner you have may have a digital display and search function, but it isn't likely to be 'digital' in the sense of digital telecommunications. if it were, it'd have cost more than $5; and you'd have probably gotten your head caved in by the nearest criminal, who would've then taken your purchase.
    i've had scanners for years, but they're now mostly useless.

    radio ham websites should have frequencies for your locale, but it'll most likely be stuff like local waste collection and services, taxis and civil aviation (not sure if the latter have all gone digital, though).

    finding locally used frequencies is just a matter of allowing the scanner to search (scan) and you will then have the option of assigning a programme number to the frequency it stops on (1-99, or so). some will assign programme numbers automatically. it's very much like programming a normal radio.

    of course, i'm in the UK, there may some differences.

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    I don't have an instruction manual and have found one online for it. It won't scan unless codes are programmed into it.
    I also have another scanner (10 channel Regency) but it uses crystals and crystal scanners are SO OLD. The crystals aren't even used in my area.

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    Check your local Police Department. They might have the codes. Ours did at one time and my boss got one and made many copies of it. Since then our local rescue squad has went to a digitally encrypted signal.

    Search online for 'insert town' scanner codes.

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    A long time ago you could get a list from Radio Shack. If not that set it for search and when it stops listen if it is something you might be interested in lock it in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringer View Post
    A long time ago you could get a list from Radio Shack. If not that set it for search and when it stops listen if it is something you might be interested in lock it in.
    I don't know anymore. My franchised store does but corporate has been really shitty about stuff lately. All they are trying to do is wireless. They issued us a memo not to turn on our "The technology Store" neon sign a few years ago.
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    Twenty years ago you could listen in on your neighbors cordless phones and baby monitors with them, I think they are encripted now, I heard some increible stuff back then.

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    Cordless phones are usually encrypted, but you'd be amazed how many of the cheaper baby monitors still aren't and that still use frequencies that most scanners can pick up.

    Right now I can hear four different neighbors if I care to listen in, which I don't considering what I accidentally overheard a few months back :P

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    I found some channels. There is a certain channel I wonder about it beeps some sort of morse code every 15 minutes no one talks on it anyone have an idea of what this channel is?

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    I am guessing that beeping is the stations Call Sign. As to why nobody is on that station, I have no idea. It could just be unused, or perhaps low signal? Sometimes when I tune into a station, all I hear is a faint static, but other times in a different place, the same station works correctly.

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