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Thread: I'm sooo happy right now...

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    Smile I'm sooo happy right now...

    ... I'm getting a puppy tomorrow!

    Its a Border Collie cross with a German Shepard. This dog will be all MINE.

    Our current dog, Newf is a Chinese Sharpie (sp?) cross with a German Shepard, and another breed in which we don't know at the moment.

    When I get the puppy, I'll post some pics and you can all help me name it.

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    Wow, that's awesome. Your very own puppy! I know very little about dogs, but look forward to seeing the pictures anyways (and potentially helping you find a name). It better be cute.

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    Nice. I want a dog since my dad's friend recently moved out and took his with him. But right now our backyard is not suited for a dog and neither am I. Plus I have no idea how to give a husky exercise yet still keep him cool here in California. Of course its not the wintertime I would be worried about but the summer time. I guess our treadmill would work with a few fans lol.

    Anyways for now I got my 3 plushie dogs to keep me company.

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    So its apparently not mine, but I might get to name it.

    But we are still getting a puppy, and granted I'm going to end up taking care of it *looks at current dog* All my parents did was buy his food and clean up his well.. yeah. I did everything else, walk him, feed him, give him baths, play with him etc.

    Oh well. Also, I seen a pic of him and hes a cutie! I swear he almost looks like a wolf, and hes fuzzy and cuddly (so my mom says) so I can't wait to pick him up in a few hours.

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    Congrats Jon93! Your puppy sounds real cute and cuddly. Look forward to seeing pics, too.


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    Well this sucks.

    My stepdad called the place today and I can't remember if he said there was no puppies left or nobody was there.

    I'm hoping for the best, I want another puppy so bad!

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    aww that stinks but dont give up hope you can always get a puppy, if you need to go to the pound, they sell dogs and whenever you buy on you save its life

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