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Thread: When Were You Diapered - Again?

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    I am new to this site, and have found it interesting to read what you all have posted. Many of the things discussed here have been questions of mine for a long time. I am sure this question has been addressed on the site before, but here it is again anyway.

    First, my story. I have long wondered why I enjoy diapers and where exactly it began. I remember being jealous that my younger brothers still got to wear them while I didn't. I had many younger siblings, so diapers were always in the house. I remember wishing I could wear them, and there were several times I would fantasize I had one on. At times I would take my pillowcase, fold it into a diaper shape, and put it in my underwear. It poorly simulated the security of a diaper, except of course that I could not use it. I would sneak baby diapers into bed as well, but that was hard because I never had my own room. It was not until I was able to stay home along that my adventure truly began. I invented for myself (at least I had never heard of it) what I called the "double dipe." I would take two pampers and tape them together, using the diaper tape of the one in the back to connect to the front. Amazingly, these makeshift diapers worked quite well, especially if larger sizes were available! I would wet and mess, enjoy myself, and then manage to change and dispose before anyone came home. I did this on a regular basis for a long time. A highlight of those days was the week I housesat for some friends. It was the first time I remember being able to wear diapers to bed without any worries.

    During my childhood and early teen years, I had no idea that there were adult diapers that looked and fit like baby diapers. I would fantasize that such a diaper existed, but I thought I was the only teen on earth who liked diapers. I did not learn of DL's until I was in college! That was an incredible discovery!! I had no idea others shared my desires and experiences, and so many at that!! Also, Bambino diapers blew my mind! They are the realization of my younger fantasies, i.e. to have an adult diaper that replicates what I loved about diapers. I ordered my first Bambino diaper a few months ago, and I must say that my experience was far better than I expected.

    For me, diapers are security and freedom along with a great feeling. I do not wear them as often as would like, but when I do I thoroughly enjoy them. My favorite time to wear them is when I am in bed. I wear them for both pleasure and practicality. There is nothing I hate more than having to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. When I am diapered in bed, I rest easy and go when I need to go.

    Now for my question? (That is, if you are still reading after that long novel!) I would like to know when and how it began for you, and if you know, why? I have never been able to answer "why" I like them...I just do. Please share your stories and thoughts.

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    I never really knew how mine began except I know when i was about 4 i would sit in bed and think about diapers, i thought and thought about them for almost 9 years but had never wanted to wear them. Then one day i was going to take a shower at age 13 i really had to pee but didnt want to go and use the toilet before i went in the shower, when i grabbed my towel and washcloth i just put them in my underwear and went! I dont know what i was thinking but i liked it, alot. So, why? I have no clue!

    You were so lucky! You got actual diapers!

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    I don't know I guess I started the road back around twelve-thirteen-ish, when I would use some of the spare sanitary napkin in the house for the diaper purpose, I did not get real ones for a while unfortunately, and did not much about scene until I was early 20's, I am in mid 20's now. Not that not having real diapers or not knowing about the scene stopped me I was starting to realize I had gender differences as well so napkins and diapers seemed somewhat normal even though thing did not fully mature until I was 20/22 or so. I have always kind of liked them had a lot of potty issues growing up and needing to use the restroom every 15-105 minutes depending on the day was just not going to work out so extra-absorbency napkins be came the norm until I got real diapers, which not long after the first samples became a staple. Finding the scene was good it confirmed my feeling and let me know I wasn't all alone. I knew their were TGs out their by 11-12 just not ABDLs and sissies until much later, at the time I really identified with the tgs as most of good friends were girls and we just got along better, I had very guy friends and the girl friends I had were not "girlfriends" but girl friend nothing sexual ever took place between us. About that time my understanding that I was most likely a woman in a mans body was greatly reinforced I was part of small group intellectuals at my school who decided to take Latin for 4 years, Latin I did not know then was also the nexus at the time for the lesbian/gay/trans and general sexual deviant culture in our school, their was even a trans guy in my class for 4 years that really helped me to understand myself and move along to where I am.
    Anyway that's a short version of I came to where I am in the diaper world.

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    I'll match your novel with one of my own! I think that personally, there are two main reasons why I like diapers but I can't say that either one is a good, solid reason...I'm still sorting this out for myself. First is the thrill of doing something that is socially "taboo" but at the same time isn't harmful. Even in my own house I seem to get that thrill with nobody else around. I came up with the second reason when I added a little bit of age play into the mix last week instead of simply wearing. The diapers combined with age play can be a form of escapism that takes me away from my adult responsibilities for a short period of time. All through my life I've had an internal battle with myself about taking on additional responsibilities out of a fear of failure. Acting younger seems to be a way for me to relieve some of that built up stress and forget about all of that "adult stuff." Movies, TV, and gaming can do similar things, but for me those aren't as tangible as diapers...that's the best I've been able to come up with so far. I also imagine that the reasons can be quite different from person to person.

    My story starts out when I was somewhere between 6 and 9 and my younger brother was still in diapers. I would wait until my mom was downstairs and sneak one of his diapers into my room and wrap them around me for a few minutes, and then sneak them back later trying to make them look like they weren't disturbed. I must not have done a good job because after doing that several times, I heard my mom scolding my brother for playing with the diapers and I got scared and quit immediately. I tried several things to replace the feeling while being more discrete - stuffing socks in my underwear, putting on all the underwear I could find, using towels to make a cloth diaper. I never "used" any of this stuff...I was going for the feeling. Eventually the desire went dormant as other things captured my interest (like cars, music, computers and games). For over 10 years I never even thought about diapers or anything to do with babies other than the fact that I didn't want to be around them. I did other things to get my thrills like run around in the house naked when nobody else was there (we didn't get out much when I was young and this is hilarious to me now) and I used music and games as stress relief through my teen years.

    Then, a couple of years after I moved out of my parents' house, something awakened the desire and I have no idea what it was. I did a little bit of reading online to see what might fit and I went through a couple of packs of big kid's pullups like Goodnights over a couple of months. That part of my life was a blur so I really can't remember the details or my thoughts on why...I probably didn't care at the time. The desire faded and went completely dormant again for another 5-6 years. But within the past few months, it's like those feelings are back with a vengeance and are stronger than I remember from last time. I now have two baby nieces and shopping for supplies and toys for them brought me back to my own desire to wear diapers. I acted on those desires by getting Goodnights again as an impulse buy and that has quickly grown into a small collection of various things. Since this was the second time in my adult life that this has come up, I've actually been thinking about and exploring what exactly is driving these desires as well as moving beyond just diapers by getting pacifiers and a sippy cup. It's been an interesting experience and even though this looks a little long, it's the short version of how I got where I am now...

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    Well I got last diapered for a night only only for ''security'' when i was 6 years old, now i haven't wear diapers in the 12 last years

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    Well the earliest diaper related memory that i can remember is when i was 5 years old i don't know why i watched diaper and suddently have urges to wearing it. But i never know why. Anyway i believe during my Primary School year i think either i lost my interest in diaper or i didn't remember it but i start to not thinking about diaper anymore and then when i was 13 years old i found internet and then start to write some word in Google search. And then i know stuff like TB/DL and then i'm realized that i'm not alone there are many people who like me.

    Oh yeah about my diaper story. I have to be honest with all of you i get my first diaper by stealing. I steal my cousin diaper which is doesn't fit of course and then i think it would take about 2 years until i buy my first diaper. Which is the most intense part in my diaper story. And yeah i still have some stash but recently i'm thinking of importing diaper from the states and i hope before the end of 2012 i will realize my dream. So wish me luck guys.

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    I was interested in peeing and pooping in diapers and my pants from when I was little. I tried wetting and pooping in my pants as a teen and young adult. But the first time I actually bought adult diapers and tried using it was in my 30s. I was traveling, and thought it would be fun to go in a diaper instead of having to stop. So I stopped at a Walmart along the way and bought a bag, put it on at a truck stop. Trouble was I found out wetting in the driving position is one of the hardest, 30 years later I still have to concentrate to do it. I could wet as soon as I got OUT of the car, but that wasn't very useful, although it was a great feeling to finally try it. That night at a motel I tried to wear to bed, same problem - I had to go bad but couldn't start it until I stood up. Since I was going to arrive at home with people there I got rid of the rest of the bag. It was some time before I tried again.

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    I diapered my self agin at the age of 26 and have been wearing and using 24/7 sents but not for messing! And love it!

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    I think my interest in diapers began around 5 when my cousin, 2 years younger than me, stayed for a night in out flat and wet the bed while her parents were on an event. This was not the first time she wet the bed. So when her mother woke her in the morning and saw the wet bed, she stated: "If you wet again I'll put you back in diapers."

    I do not know if she was serious about this, but I was serious I wanted to see my cousin in diapers. I started to make plans how I could maker her pee her bed. Could not sleep for hours while having those ideas!

    It never happened, but when I took my first diaper 8 years later while sitting babies, I knew immediately I liked their bulk between my legs. I like my diapers for exactly the same reasons as you do: "... For me, diapers are security and freedom along with a great feeling…" However over he years I have learned to wear them not only to bed, but in any situation I like to wear them.

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