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    I bought myself a pack and these are more absorbent than some of the wal mart and target brands (i.e. Depends and Depends ripoffs.) i highly recomend them if you can fit into the highest size (which is fairly large) I very much like these, they are the first i have worn around family because i feel comfortable soaking them and then wearing them and sitting/moving/acting casual =)

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    Yeah man they are fun, and discrete however I tend to be a heavy wetter due to the fact that I have an ungodly strong bladder. But for me even a moderate wetting might cause a leak, unless they recently pumped up the padding.

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    Ah, DryNites. I've got many fond memories of them, although what Dave said is correct: they're really not that great at tacking wettings. Still, the designs are pretty fantastic and they're so readily available. I really can't think of anything better to start out with.

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    Goodnites are quite nice if you are lucky enough to be able to fit into them. Sadly I am not anymore...

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    It is great that you were able to acquire some goodnites, and your opinion seems to be shared.

    What I can add to this topic is that goodnites are basically the same as drynites, and they're probably also made in exactly the same way with the same materials. Because I've tried drynites I can say they're quite nice, nicer than storebrands to say the least.

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    Gman, can you share your waist size/hip size with us so other people can try to figure out if they might fit into GN's? I am a fan of them as well.

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    They're great because they're discreet and fit like normal underwear, yet still feel a bit like a diaper. Wetting-wise, they're not so nice. They fill up quickly and can leak easily, especially if you're lying down.

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    Butterfly Mage


    While I *can* fit into Goodnights, I only ever went through one package. It's just not convenient to use a product that I have to take off my pants, socks, and shoes just to change. I guess that's my gripe with "pull-up" type products in general.

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    Out of the two pull up types I've tried, I'd say I'm a bit more partial to the Goodnites. I want to give the "improved" version a try sometime to see how improved they actually are.


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    Quote Originally Posted by daria7483 View Post
    Gman, can you share your waist size/hip size with us so other people can try to figure out if they might fit into GN's? I am a fan of them as well.
    No problem. Most stores i am a 31-32 inch waist (target, kohls, basic cheaper stores) but AE and other more expensive stores wehere cltothes run tighter/smaller i can be up to 34. I play rugby so i have thicker legs and a decent sized waist so I would say i am a "bigger" 32? I dont know if i explained that well enough but i hope this helps you all

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