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Thread: Who knows of this song, and could help me name it.

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    Question Who knows of this song, and could help me name it.

    All right, I'm trying to find a song, I have no idea what the lyrics are and I googled the damn thing for an hour so, please, don't used the google smiley. If I could find it on google, I wouldn't be asking for your help....

    OK, so the song is about a mother's daughter becoming a druggy, and the chorus is like "And you never thought she would be a druggie" or w/e. The band is doing the song in the basment of some house that is having a party upstairs, and while they are playing, some teens dump a whole bunch of juice or wine or w/e down the radiators and it falls onto the band below. Here is what really makes it unique. The daughter is at the party as well. She starts freaking out (I think withdrawl or something), so she keeps stamping her foot on the same place on the tile floor, then she really starts freaking out and starts jumping, the tiles break and then she finally goes through the floor into the basement right in front of where the band is playing.

    Does anyone have a clue to what song I'm talking about and could help me?

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    Nope, just rock rock, it might be even heavy metal...

    (the music is kinda like My Chemical Romance style)

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    For some reason i thought of the Pepsi TV Ad:

    but sorry, I haven't a clue what it is.
    if it sounded like MCR, try going through their discography to make sure.. unless you're positive it wasn't them.

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    It's not My Chemical Romance.
    I like them quite a bit (Although Mostly there early work, not that the later is bad), and There's no such phrase or lyric.
    However, Try looking up lyrics from Alkaline Trio, Thursday, The Misfits and Senses Fail. My guess it's one of the above.
    (Bands that are kinda like MCR)

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