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Thread: Infantilism, The Gateway Fetish?

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    Default Infantilism, The Gateway Fetish?

    Has being an AB/DL led you into exploring other fetishes (for the lack of a better word, sorry ahead of time if its offensive) or interests?
    I have to say for myself, going through puberty for the most part, made me open-minded to suggestion anyway, but my love for wanting to be a baby and wearing diapers, opened up a door in which, I might have gotten into what Im about to post anyway, but maybe over a longer course of time, if not all in some cases.
    Pregnancy: I love pregnant woman and the whole aspect for the miracle of life. Which being fascinated over the actual act itself, branched off into unbirth and pregnant men. The size of the female belly, let to my love for BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and eventually BHM (Big Handsome Men).
    Bondage/Dominatrix: I learned a lot about BDSM and S&M because of AB/DL. My personal favorites are whole body bondage (because of the whole helpless infant deal), shrink wrap, duct tape, sleeping bags and custom made baby bunting bags (you get the idea). A dominate partner because in a lot of ways, the parents role in a babys life is dominate. Being told what to do and when to do it and being disciplined for corrective action. Even certain aspects about Female Domination and Forced feminization intrigues me.
    Age Regressing, Age Play, Sissy-Baby and (although I dont get into it personally) Baby-Fur kind of goes hand and hand with Infantilism these days, so Id have to say that they are all givens. Strangely enough (not to offend those who do), but even though I love my diapers like anyone else; I dont really care for watersports and SCAT at all. Wetting and messing diapers in my baby role, is a huge difference between those who want to be realistic with the diaper and those who get off on just the act within itself. Im sure there are others I forgot to mention that has at least sparked my interests over the years, but at least I think I covered all the ones which are special to me.
    I would love to hear from others on how you became interesting in other forms of entertainment.

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    I have gotten into adult breastfeeding. I decided to try breast feeding my husband but I had no milk then. Then when we had a baby finally, I wanted to try it with him but he wanted to save the milk for our child. Now that he is weaned, I was nursing my husband everyday and then he decided to stop because of his stomach getting upset. Not because of the milk but because of the pain he is in.

    I also got into spankings too because babies get spanked. I was spanked at age two. Maybe at age one also.

    Forced diapering, I have always liked forced diapering stories because I wanted to wear them myself and would wish my parents would make me wear one. Then I started to fantasize my own spouse making me wear all the time.

    Humiliation, I like to wear diapers in public, get my diaper changed, wear AB clothes. All this is considered humiliation even though I am not humiliated by it. Maybe if I was forced to make them show or make it be obvious I have one on or be forced to have my diaper changed by my parents or brothers or aunts or uncles or in laws and made to wear my AB clothes in public, then that be true humiliation and I would hate it.

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    Nice Calico I knew I was forgetting a few.

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    My AB interests led me in to a whole world of strange fetishes, the desire to be forced to wear nappies led to punishment fantasies, this led to spanking and other light s&m treats like being tied up and gagged, basically when your horny you'll pick up on any fetish your exposed to, it's a well known fact that if you wish to develop a fetish in order to share a partners own desires then the simplest way is to masturbate to fetish porn, it may sound stupid but if you are looking to pick up for example a diaper fetish then forcing yourself to masturbate while looking at pictures of people engaging in diapered activities or watching one of the many diaper changing videos out there will form a mental link, after a while the thought of diapers make you thing of playing with yourself wich in turn leads to arousal eventually you will think of diapers as a sexual stimulus, this sort of advice is given by therapists who treat partners who wish to get involved with their lovers fetishes for the sake of their relationship but have no real sexual desire themselves, eventually many come to enjoy it as much as there lover and they will become closer than they other wise would have. The same effect means that as you branch out to other types of S&M porn that incorporate diapers then you slowly start to associate the other activities into your own fantasies. So if you watch a video of a guy tied up and diapered you like it, if some one starts dripping hot wax on him you will after a while, and many viewings start to think about having wax dripped on you, it's pretty simple psychology and the obvious reason behind pornographic escalation (the fact that people hooked on porn watch harder and harder porn as they go) so do be careful online you don't want to push yourself too hard and mess your self up!

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    I sort of felt the parallel between BDSM and ABDL when I read 50 Shades. The spank turned me on the same way, but not as strong of course, as being padded. There is a parallel, but not an overlap with BDSM or I think there would be more people into both. Is there any body out there that is into both ABDL and BDSM? There would be as many BDSM ABDLs as there are BFs and DFs.

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    In my case was the opposite.. My others fetish took me to know the ABDL. I had, or better saying, I have, a "body swap" fetish, unfortantelly this is not possible of doing in real life LOL, but the idea, of you switching bodies with someone of the opposite sex just turn me on... Then I discovery many other fetish, Cross Dressing, pantyhose fetish, and many others... Including the ABDL, and the begging I kind not like, but then was you know reading some stories, and I saw that I really liked of these whole thing

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    AB/DL led me to BDSM, furry, sissy, you know. The works!

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