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Thread: I officially wear diapers!

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    Default I officially wear diapers!

    As an AB I had been wearing diapers occasionally for a few years. Over the past year I have been struggling with interstitial cystitus. The urgency I deal with got to the point that I basically have given up on using the toilet. I finally told my parents. Before I told them I would not wear when they visited out of fear of being found out. That was a disaster. Now that I told them they dont care and they are going to be getting me diapers. I feel so much better to have everything out in the open. Now I just need to figure out how to wet the bed without waking up. My bladder wakes me up to pee constantly at night and the sleep deprivation has caused most of my problems.

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    Just keep wetting during the day as soon as you get the feeling and it will start happening more and more often at night

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    i have IC, and its sometimes annoying.

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    Interstitial cystitis is 90% less irritating with diapers. As soon as I can start wetting the bed I will never miss another night of sleep. Not sleeping hurt my athletic and academic performance severely. I was a straight A student and a respectable marathon runner before I stopped sleeping. I also missed out socially my first year in college. Adult diapers may just give me my life back.

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    I wet at night without waking - can't explain how I do it though, it just happens. And you're right, any kind of incontinence is 90% better and easier to deal with, with diapers.

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    I wet at night and I guess it`s like this, my bladder fills up as normal. (Most folks kidneys reduce the production of urine overnight and their pee is a lot stronger) but I fill up quickly and my bladder does not tell my brain that it needs to release (I have little feeling even when awake and laying down) So, my bladder lets go anyway. Yes daipers are a big help.

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    Keep in mind I am not incontinent at all. I just am in pain if I try and hold urine in my bladder. The pain wakes me up out of my sleep.

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    Yeah I am fortunate enough to be a deep sleeper that even if my bladder needs to release while I am sleeping it does without me knowing, thank goodness for diapers assisting in keeping me dry as well as my bed

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    I'm a very heavy sleeper too. I once slept right through a car crash happening right outside my house.

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    The first 6 hours of sleep I don't even know when i pee. I might wakeup around 5:00am and pee again and go right back to sleep. I will be soaked when I getup

    but as far as I know I don't have a big flooding pee.

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