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Thread: Using Liners and a Secondary Diaper

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    Lightbulb Using Liners and a Secondary Diaper

    I have something that i want to share with my friends here. You see when change my brief, I feel that I have to go again. So I am going to try something besides a bladder control pad. I am going to use a incontinence liner a diaper without the tapes for another urge or accident. I should have done this along time ago. What do you think about using the pant liners as a secondary diaper while changing yourself? It's better than wasting a diaper that you going to use for a short period of time and then throw it away. The underpad is for light leakage. This is something different I am going to try out.

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    Do the same thing that you are going to try or I simply use a boost pad inside or the diaper also works great for this problem

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    The liners are only going to be for a secondary and temporary diaper, because of left over leakage or bowels. It's better than using just a bladder control pad for leakage and another diaper for bowels and end up taking it off wasting it. The liners will not be used that much, only for accidents or emergencies. I think they are good for caregivers who have to get their patients some temporarly relief instead of just using them for in underwear.

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    IC pads are a great thing to have around and in my diaper bag, even if you don't use them regularly there are times they are very worth it! For instance, if I need to change but in a very short time I know I will be taking a bath. If I am wanting to air out a little then try to use the bathroom before padding up. If I am having bowel issues that keeps me running back and forth. If I am in a public situation where I just need to have a little protection until I can get somewhere with a little more privacy to properly change. There are several other instances but I think you can see what I mean. Wasting a whole diaper for that short time isn't worth the money thrown away. It adds up fast.

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    I use an adult pad inside the nappy for night time incontinence i get the pads through nhs and buy tena to help more at night when wet just change the pad i usually get 3 nights out of the one adult tena nappy

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