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Thread: Banished to the back of my truck

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    Default Banished to the back of my truck

    Well like the subject line says, I am now banished to the back of my truck. For 6 almost 7 years now my parents have tried everything with trying to get me to stop liking diapers and be "normal" but I never could kick it and continued until my dad bought me a truck.

    Well the last straw was plucked and they said this is the last solution, so they said put the diapers in a trunk in the back of my truck. So I bought a topper off of Craigslist.

    But now my problem is... Well for one thing, there is no air conditioning in there, and this TN 100 F* days, high humidity, and heat index reaching on occasions 110 F*, I'm dying out there.

    Second its just a truck bed and extremely uncomfortable. And then of course the unsanitary-ness that envelops a terrible smell is a problem.

    I just have to ask. How can I make it better?!?!?

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    You need to move out of your parents' home and get a place of your own. You're 18. That's plenty old enough to live independently.

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    I really don't know how to go about moving out.

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    Well it is exceptionally difficult to start on one's own when you are that age. I moved 5 hours away from home immediately after i graduated high school back in 2004 and attended college in a location different from where i grew up. I had to get a job and attend class at the same time to pay for the things that my meager scholarships didn't, lol. All of this stress while i was still trying to stay active as a TB/DL (at the time) im my private life. My best advice, learn to communicate really well with people even if you don't agree or get along. It is much easier to be self sustaining if you dont have to work against people and have people working against you. It's all in the psychological mindset of the individual, i think. Learning to flow easily and adapt to your surroundings is the best way to maintain sanity when faced with major, life altering circumstances. I made it ok and I think that you will to. Just have the courage to do what you can and dont give up. Hope that helps.

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    Well my dad was talking to me the other day out at lunch, and he said that putting a down payment on a house is better than renting an apartment because of the economy today. Any pointers?

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    he is most definitely correct in terms of the economical considerations. It really depends on what kind of person you are. I live in an apartment, but i realize that i can't live here forever. I will eventually have to find a house so that everything, financially, will not be wasted on rent that never accounts towards anything. In my perspective, i dont like the idea of being "attached" to a house. I am not the type of person to settle and stay still for very long so i dont think a house is for me, at least not yet. Things constantly change. If you have more of a problem with anti-stability, then getting a job and making a down payment for a place that you will live in for 10+ years is a sound and intelligent decision. I mean, this is all relative to my subjectivity of course.

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    I have a lawn business that I maintain and have around 20 clients I do. But I know all to well that customer come and go, and I can't tell exactly my income because that is dictated by the weather. But other than that I was looking at joining Americorps which if you stick with that for a year, you get your living arrangements payed for, education benefits, and some other things. But I don't know what I want to do with that in conjunction with my lawn business which is sustaining me rather well this year... well up till the resent drought.

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    If you are doing well with lawn and land maintenance, then perhaps you should consider pursuing it more intensely. If you like it and are good at it then run with it. Or, maybe you could get a part time job somewhere that will help you sustain yourself when the seasons' weather does not allow for you to cut grass, etc. If you dont have to worry about school or education then i would suggest trying to put in some applications for some stress free, air conditioned retail jobs like pet stores and grocery stores. Job market really depends on your town, town size and other factors like industry and geographic location. I guess what im saying is that you will have to do what it takes to become independent and figure out that your opinion matters as much as your father's does. Hopefully, Once you "leave the nest" mom and dad will realize that they have a son who is to respected and not controlled. A lot of people have these problems. Our society (as it is) is incapable of accommodating people who are unsure of what they want to do. It just blindly dumps people back into the complicated and insane cycles that never end. Like i said earlier, dont give up and try not to procrastinate. Only person that will allow you to move out and maintain yourself and your lifestyle is you, my friend.

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    Thanks what you've said has really been helpful. Yea I never did well in school and think it would be a huge waist of time and money for college. So I wouldn't have to worry about student loans and paying them off. I want to do this with little debt as possible. I could branch off into landscaping, and extra things in lawns such as aeration, de-thatching, seeding what have you and make a little more money. And no doubt I could get a job at Kroger or something in my off season. so you think I should put a down payment on a house or rent an apartment? You said it depends on who I am, I would rather go an alternative economical decision, because I don't mind paying off and having a house to call my own. Doesn't even have to be big I mean 1 bed 1 bath.

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