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Thread: Received my diapers

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    Cool Received my diapers

    Got my Cushies diapers two hours ago and I can already tell how delighted and excited I am!!! The BabyFresh scent that was added in the diapers smelled really sweet and so babyish that this whole thing reminds me of my old baby days. I put on one of the diapers, but not before applying cornstarch baby powder into the diaper, and then things get really overshadowed by how very comfortable my diaper really feels. Then, almost two hours later, I peed and pooped my diaper and got it changed with a new diaper within a couple of minutes. Too bad I changed it too soon to test out its absorbency. But nevertheless, I really love these Cushies. Can't wait to try out the Super Dry Kids once they are restocked in 5 to 6 weeks. Thank you AB Universe!!!!

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    Woah congratulations dude! I wish I still had my diapers.

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    I hear ya, I also love cushies. I ordered a case back at the begging of the year and I have 2 more out of the 80 I had. I am waiting until I go back to college to get more.

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    I am very glad you're enjoying your experience! ^^

    I still love receiving padding in the mail, years after that first time. Not as exciting, but not a let down in the slightest!

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