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    I'm looking for some diapers that are the most discreet/quiet when you move around. The only ones I know that have that are Depend Real Fit (which I use) and Underjams. Any recommendations?

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    Just got my Molicare Premium soft Extra today and I absolutely love them. They are just absorbent enough that I can always trust them for the first 2-3 wettings and they are incredibly slim fitting and light weight. It's nice because they cost roughly $1 per diaper and Metromedical will ship for free once your order exceeds $50.

    Since I wasn't sure about them yet I only ordered two 30 pack and now I'm already starting to regret not getting the case. =p

    Here are a few places you can get them. I had an excellent experience with metromedical and discovered the second one after I had already placed my order. I'm willing to look into buying from them next time I need to refresh my stock because I'm not sure I'm going to find a better price on a case than that.

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    any variety of clothlike pull-ups are probably the most discrete thing you can get ahold of easily, if you care for them. A lot here don't like pullups OR clothlike.

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    The most discreet I've worn is Attends slip. Very quiet. The sides are cloth but the main part of the nappy is plastic backed.

    They hold up to a couple of floodings ok but I wouldn't push it any further than that.

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    I use tena ultras during the day around people for discreetness. They are cloth backed, but I've never had any issues with it. They are nice and quiet. They do have a slight rustle to them under gym shorts, but still not really noticeable. Under real clothes they are silent. They are good for a few good wettings. I usually have to change mid day/afternoon depending if I've had coffee or anything like that.

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    I use Atends Breatheable for daytime use. There quiet whether I wear panties or plastic pants over them. For me they hold up well to 3 or 4 wettings.

    I have a fresh delivery coming mon.

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