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Thread: Pacifier issue

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    Hey everyone I'm having an issue and I don't know what is causing it. I used to use my nuk 5 every night for a long time. I stopped for a week or two because my lips were chapped for some reason and it was making it worse. Anyway, ever since when I use it over night it seems to irritate the tubercle of the upper lip. Which is the fleshy part in the center. It gets sensitive almost like it is chapped or raw. Ive never had this problem before. I've tried boiling it and sanitizing it incase there was an irritant or something on it. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm so used to using it all the time, I don't know what to do. Anyone have any ideas?

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    That's really weird...are you sure it's the Nuk 5 that's causing the problem and not something else?

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    I don't know what else it could be, especially since it only happens when I use it overnight.

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    Have you changed to a different pacifier to see if that helps?

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    There could have been a sudden change in your overall lip health that perhaps pacifier usage irritated. If you were using it for "long periods of time" without issue before it's probably temporary. It might even be a small canker sore underneath that region that may be contributing to it.

    I would let the cracked and irritated part heal first as the sucking motion is not allowing it to heal. Use a medicated lip balm for a while and try again later. Make sure the interior of your mouth in that region doesn't have any sores. Use that same lip balm every time during use to prevent it from happening and irritating it.

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    Well it's been a couple weeks so I'll give it another try and see what happens.

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    Wheelman, oddly enough, I have the same issue. My upper lip gets irritated and burns, as well as the skin directly above my lip. I feel that the shield may just be rubbing against my lip and skin too much, and since I use it overnight as well, over-usage may be the reason! We may just have sensitive skin? Who knows xD

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    It happened again last night. Ugh this is irritating. Why has it started all of a sudden though. I never used to have this problem!

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    If you find yourself sucking it at night and you do so quite hard the damp of your breath moistens the lip and allows the plate to chafe it! You could try a longer dummy like the pacifiers r us one they do that might ease off the pressure as it sits further in the mouth!

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    Latex or silicone nipple? Could be the start of a allergy. Some allergies show up more with repeated exposure


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