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Thread: Anyone have feedback or suggestions on Disney Princess Queen Size bedding?

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    Default Anyone have feedback or suggestions on Disney Princess Queen Size bedding?

    Did a quick search and didn't see any posts that addressed this specifically. I'm looking for queen size bedding, either My Little Pony, Carebears, or Disney Princess. I found the following on ebay, there are also a bunch of others.


    Wondering if anyone had gotten it or had any other suggestions of places to look? Want to make sure if I invest in it, its worth the 200 bucks. Thanks in advance

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    Queen Size Childrens Bedding Sets has some childish-styled stuff... It's not MLP, CB, or Princesses, but still awfully darn cute.

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    I could have sworn I replied to this.

    I have the set in the OP, and love them. When I got mine it was about $80, but it was also on clearance because the store I got it at was going out of business. I have no idea what the original price was, but $150-$200 would be about right for an 8pc queen set for anything Disney.

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