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Thread: Radio interview with Adult Baby

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    Default Radio interview with Adult Baby

    Hey guys, just stumbled upon this:

    (Apologies if this is a repost)
    5.26 Adult Baby : Baby Andy in studio to talk about infantilism | 98.5 KRZ - Today's Best Music

    I was quite surprised at how understanding the radio presenters were. To be honest, I was expecting it to be completely awful. I know if it were one of my local radio stations at home, a person like this would get totally ridiculed and laughed off.

    Baby Andy is actually a married guy who occasionally indulges in the AB lifestyle. It is nice to see someone representing us who doesn't take it to the extreme.

    I'd be interested to hear what you guys think.

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    Thanks for the link.

    Yeah, Baby Andy is the more typical of us ABs that prefer to moderate between the AB life and his real one, no offense to "Baby Brett" and good ol' Stanley Thorton. I'm glad the DJs had open minds. Heck, I only AB around when my wife is gone, usually, and I take care of myself even though adult babies "can't." Where I live there would be people flooding the phone lines waiting to tell him that he would not do that if he knew Jesus as his Savior, and that he is going to Hell. I don't think I would want to get on the air down here.

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    Wow... that was the most level headed, nonjudgmental interview regarding ABs I've ever heard/seen.

    Thanks for the link.

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    I've seen and have heard things on AB/DL since the mid 90s and I have to say, besides "BabyMako", this was an extremely well done interview. Too bad only those who will ever hear it, is ether us or the people who live in that area, versus God knows how many people has seen "Nat Geo" and the other shows. I take it they never did upload the video to their website?

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    That was pretty non-judgemental, and Baby Andy sounds relatively sane, unlike some...*cough*Stanley*cough*... I would love to be able to watch that video, but I didn't see it on there. Maybe it was taken down?

    ETA: I found the video.

    I tried to embed it, but it didn't work, sorry.

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    Wow! Awesome for 2 reasons.

    1: Andy is sane and lives a balanced life,
    2: The hosts are genuinely interested without being judgemental.

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    Little steps, thats the way this community will be eventually accepted. Gotta be patient for the little steps and not get discouraged by or upset at those who don't get it. It's not their fault they are ignorant (we all are in many ways), but it is their fault for continuing the tradition within themselves. I liked this interview, and Andy does seem quite a cool person.

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