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    Default Depression

    Just out of curiosity, do any other *B/DLs suffer from depression?
    Do you know any good ways to cope with it?
    I feel like I need people to talk to, but I really don't know where to start.

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    I'm in a depression as of right now. mainly over apprehension of going to college if I get a class or more I want to sign up for.

    The best thing to do is find someone you can actually see in person and confide in them. but that person has to be someone you view as trust worthy as well as being able to give you advice or at least make you feel better. For spur the moments fits of dread working out, taking a shower or bath and a nap helps. In the worst case scenario, you could call up a depression hotline or even go check in at a emergency mental health office. I haven't ever called a hotline myself and I only went to a walk in emergency mental health before i was 14. so over ten years ago at least. But it helped then.

    It's just simply amazing how any of us can feel depressed and even worthless at times. You would think the human brain would be capable of knowing 'hey, this shit isn't cool or fun" and just shut down the chemical reaction and flood us with dopamine.

    Though I suppose it doesn't since if we feel something is wrong, depression is there to move us to fix it.

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    I've constantly had problems with depression. This thread does come up a lot. Discussing it will just make me more depressesed.

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    It appears as though Depression is common amongst the *BDL community. Its either depression about not being able to control your urges, or losing a GF/BF to your revealment, or growing up, or feeling alone, or not being able to find a friend, or just regular every day people depression like just loss of self worth, i dont know if there is a correlation between depression and ABDL, maybe its like feeling like an Alien on a different planet and theres only a handful of you, and even within that handful there is argument and war, idk, just an observation lol I am on and off with depression. I was severely depressed on Monday and Tuesday of this week, but the rest of the week I've been fine.

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    I live with chronic clinical depression and severe anxiety disorder...not related to my AB-ism at all.

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    I'm diagnosed with "dysphoric disorder" it's kinda like depression. I do not think it is related to my love of diapers.

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    I have my days of depression. I try to stay busy and find some things which I enjoy doing. Even going out for a walk helps. Having something you like that you can look forward to can help. I've learned to use my depression as well, and that is in my writing. I use it to give a tone to my story telling.

    Having friends or someone to share your life with really helps. You don't have to accept your depression. If it's clinical, see a doctor. There are medications that help. My wife is diabetic, tied to a dialysis machine and has Charcot Foot, a disease where the bones in both of her feet have collapsed. She takes something for depression and it helps. We also find things to do like going out to stores and going to restaurants. Go pro active and do something to help yourself. I wish you the very best in this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1ObsoleteBaby View Post
    It appears as though Depression is common amongst the *BDL community human population
    I fixed it for you. :P

    Anyways the one thing pretty much all ab/dl's have in common is we are in the most prosperous nations, ever. Happiness is relative to living conditions not just of local home, city but likely what country you live in. In all the documentary's or newscasts I've seen it seems there are a lot of happy people even in 3rd world places.

    People will flock to whatever makes them happy and in those places it seems a large part of it comes from family. but yeah happiness is always relative.

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    Depression is treatable but professional help is often necessary. I do take my own advice and have on a number of occasions sought help. I am unfortunately one of those that has serious negative reactions to antidepressants, but for most they can help re regulate your moods and get your own system back to where it should be. Being outside societal norms can be a bit crazy making at best, seek help!

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    Our minds evolved to deal with the pressures of living in small social groups of less than 150, on the African Savannah. Living in developed countries provides a new set of anxieties and pressures that humans simply haven't evolved to deal with effectively.

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