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Thread: Fashion, Taste, whatever you might call it

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    Default Fashion, Taste, whatever you might call it

    Another topic for curiosities sake- 'Fasion Taste'.

    I'm sure that most of us notice diaper comercials, and are familiar with the brands and types.

    A lot of people seem to agree that the common 'large' products aren't super-great, either.

    so, hypothetically, if you were able to properly fit into a 'juvenile' style diaper, what brand(s) do you think you would prefer?

    so, suspending disbelief, an unrealistic but physically plausible scenario

    If you were shrunk to fit in the common size ranges on the packages,


    for some mysterious reason the big manufactures started making sizes in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7..
    H (45-75 pounds) ,I (65-125 pounds) ,J (100-135 pounds) ,K (125-175 pounds), etc.

    What brand/type/etc would you go choose? I'm thinking more along the lines of current product offerings, versus vintage.

    Slightly off topic,

    Interestingly enough, I find myself musing about all of the 'juvenile' prints and cartoons and whatnot, do the intended consumers (wearers) actually care about that, or is it more of a marketing thing?

    I can see it being more of a eye-catcher that is mostly ignored, but who knows?

    Some brands for starters: Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, Drypers, Generic, etc.

    I probably would not like the 'huggies jean theme', or the pampers front & back prints.

    I would lean more to a brand that is printed in the front, mostly one color except for maybe leak-guards and the print panel, and either a character or abstract (ie, blocks, toys, numbers, etc.) Probably like the Huggies. I would prefer less the pampers with the multi-shade center and sides, and the front & back characters (who is going to see the rear prints of their own diaper, anyway?)

    and, definitly no to any brand of pull-on types, like the new 'convienience' stuff on the market, the pull-ups, good-nights, etc.

    Just say 'NO' to potty training! (LOL)

    again, this is on FASHION TASTES, if you were wearing these yourself.

    and, for a more mature version, to liven things up

    (if we want to be potty trained)
    boxers, briefs, plain, colored, character, plaid, etc).

    I am curious as to whether tastes cross over - ie, plain underwear is also plain diapers, etc.
    (incedentally, I prefer plain white briefs or plaid boxers) I don't recall ever having any character types)

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    I'll lean toward the Huggies Overnights, or Luvs when/if they still have Barney on them. :P

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    Ill second the Barney-era Luvs, Pampers, and this store brand from Food4Less called Fitti with smiley face balloons as wetness indicators just because that's what i remember being put in for bed wetting when i was 4 ( you early maturing bladder. you).

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    If i could fit pullups i would choose them because they are easier to get on than diapers

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    I've always liked pampers but I've heard some good things about Luvs so I'd definitely try them out as well.

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    Probably Pampers or Luvs, though I've never tried Luvs. I've heard good things about them though, so I'd give then a shot ^_^

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