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Thread: Any tips for buying in Vegas?

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    Default Any tips for buying in Vegas?

    I'm headed to Las Vegas for a work thing for a couple of weeks soon. I'm thinking of trying to get some diapers while I'm there, but since I've never bought diapers in Vegas before (or in the USA at all), I'm wondering if anyone has any recomendations or tips. A chain may be best since I don't know where I'll be staying, and a cab ride across town and back may be extreme. Still, if there are awesome one off shops, it may be good to know about those too.


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    I'm going to Vegas soon, I was thinking of maybe ordering some Bambinos and have them delivered to the hotel since shipping to Canada is outrageously expensive. Usually hotels are pretty good about receiving packages under a guests name. Also depends on your luggage space as well.

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    There's got to be a CVS or a Walgreens there. Maybe even a Target? Heck, it's Vegas, I bet you can special order them at any of the legally sanctioned brothels.

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    There is a medical supply shop not to far off the strip, can't remember the name but look up medical supply places

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