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Thread: Found out and accepted by my older sister

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    Smile Found out and accepted by my older sister

    I didn't tell her about my adult baby syndrome, but she asked me questions about it when she discovered a comment I posted on AB Universe's Facebook page (it was shown on her feed). I deleted the comment and then hid all my activities with AB Universe on my profile. She asked me if I have a diaper fetish and then I said that I do have obsession with wanting to be a toddler and, although I thought she's not gonna like it, she actually said that it is ok and then she asked me if I miss my childhood and if I've ever worn a diaper recently. One hour later, she came back to ask me if my infantilism is sexual and I said no. I'm not gonna go on to give you more details about the conversation, but I did tell her about my purchase of my Cushies diapers. Can't believe she actually accepted my infantilism!!! A family member that actually supports me for such an obsession.

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    I hate facebook privacy settings, it's very unsafe, an app can ending up showing some article, or post that you read about something particular. But about your situation I am glad that your sister understood you.

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    Thats pretty dang sweet. Yeah, facebook is annoying that way, otherwise i would put a like on ab universe too if it wasn't for the fact that people can find out about it.

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    I just keep FB completely separated from all ab/dl activities!

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    Congrats on the good news. I'm very happy that it went well for you.
    On another note I chalk this down to one more reason why I will never have a Facebook or any other similar type of service ever.

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    My sister will be 30 this December. She's currently studying nursing at LFCC where I will be going this fall.

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    lol I barely ever go on facebook, I only have it for school.

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    Congratulations on having a really great sister. We often hear the horror stories. It's nice to hear one with a better ending.

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    Great to hear! but FB really does suck sometimes!

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