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    im in need of some help kinda you see i slept in my diapers last night and i wet them but i cant get out of my diaper nobody told me we were having a family reunion today when i woke up i had family all over the house and i cant get 1 minute alone to take it off none of our doors have locks on them and the little kids dont give me any privacy even in the bathroom i was almost caught my little cousin came running in right when i was pullin my pants down and to make matters worse my mom told me that my girlfriend is comin over in a few minutes and she dont know about my diapers only my brother does and hes not here i need advice please

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    Try take any excuse to leave the house like needing to pick somthing up at the store then change at a public restroom.

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    i would try that but my car is dead and when i asked if i could borrow my moms car she told me to take my sister and my 2 cousins ages 4 and 9 and my cousin likes to hang up my butt i cant get away from him i tried to go and take it off in the woods but he came runnin up behind me while i was undoing my pants and i know if i go to a public restroom he will follow me in and taking a diaper off isnt quiet so i know he would here it i think im gonna be stuck in my diaper for most of the day i know my diaper can hold 3 wettings its only had 1 so far but i dont know when it will leak if it will leak but like i said i think im gonna be stuck in my diaper for a while....and my gf just showed up

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    i got it off finally i just asked my gf to keep them away from the bathroom so i could go and not be interupted and it worked

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