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    Kathi's Mental Health Review - The Book 5150, Infantilism, BPD, Advocacy and more is probably the tripiest site I've ever seen. I mean it looks like a mental health blog right? But then I found this: The Secret Garden, which lead me to search the site even more. The sites like a laborinth, not all of the pages have the same menu links and not all of the links link to the same thing (Even if they have the same title) I've found links to dance pages, anamotronics and robots and sailor moon all hosted on the site. and a link on the bottom of every page for a hair salon in the desert. For a mental health professional its a pretty skitzo site. I mean there's no consistency at all.

    Here's some of the "subsites"
    Graphics by Kathi Stringer
    I Love Sailor Moon! See Our Store and Mall 2000 Products for every Scout!
    Circling LIGHTS
    Robotics, Circuits, Mechanics, Servo Motors, Controls and etc
    Brown & Sharpe Machining - Auto Cam & Screw Machine Parts
    Dance Time on the Interent! For Dancers And Those That Love Them!
    New Page 1

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    It seems as though she is using her domain for more than just the mental health stuff, she apparently has directories used for her other personal interestes, and in many of the cases it appears she has provided webspace for other people on her domain.

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    What in the world o_o. She even lip syncs, LOL

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    This why you don't let them near computers, for their own safety.

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    Hey! I like her! She likes sailor moon! So do I! I am going to browse these sites thanks for sharing!

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    Interesting site. I checked out some of the stuff on Infantilisim and liked what I read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiddenDL View Post
    Interesting site. I checked out some of the stuff on Infantilisim and liked what I read.
    I like how she calls it "true infantilism"...
    What's fake infantilism?
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