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Thread: Post your favorite diaper configuration!

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    Default Post your favorite diaper configuration!

    Over the weekend I doubled up with a girls Goodnite underneath and a Walgreens generic on top of the Goodnite. The absorbency was great but it felt even better, it was so fat and I couldn't even fit my jeans on. I never realized that GoodNites were such good liners - the GN I had on was soaked through, even in the front, where they usually don't absorb because they leak so badly first.

    So what's your favorite "configuration", or combination of diapers? For comfort? For absorbency? Best balance between the two? Have you tried this configuration, or just speculating?

    Mine: Boys GN + Medium Bambino Bianco (haven't tried, but want to!)


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    Yay, first reply!!!

    Mine, Tranquility's ATN with their booster pad (the pad just makes it even better)

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    I normally just wear one molicare, but occasionally I will cut slits in the first on and then put one ontop of it.

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    Bambinos are perfect just on their own. There isn't another diaper that keeps things in place like those.

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    Usually just a diaper of whatever brand I decided would be cool to try. Lately I like to wear pajama pants over them.

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    Two Abena X plusses last forever just when u think ure soaked ure not and u have a whole nother diaper to fill!

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    Generic, cut at the front, that leaks into a Pampers size 6. The absorbancy is fantastic.

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    top care with 3-4 tranquility boosters- gives you that cartoon-like diaper, its so huge but low cut!

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    disp underwear (depends) with holes poked in back, then generic heavy-duty over that; then cloth over that, and plastic pants on top. Take the cloth; tuck 2 inches in front of waistband then pull through legs, and at the back stretch the cloth the width of the waistband and tuck it in. Then tuck around the legs. This gives hours of soaking with minimized chances of leaks from sitting down. Snacks, drinks, and videogames complete the preparations. Keep a bath robe (dressing gown) handy for random calls at the door.

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