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Thread: Does Powder Affect Absorbancy?

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    Question Does Powder Affect Absorbancy?

    Hey all... I've been noticing this over the past few days... maybe I'm not the only one.

    Have any of you found that using powder will affect the absorbing capability of the diaper? I've especially noted it with the Abri-forms. On the days that I use powder the first wetting seems to pool and trickle around in the diaper for several seconds before being absorbed. On days when I don't use powder it is soaked up right away. I think maybe the powder is clogging some of the micro-pores in the padding and preventing the top layer from wicking away moisture quickly.

    Does this happen to anyone else, or am I just that special?

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    it does kinda feel like that, might depend on how we (you and i) apply our powder XD i <3 the smell so i use ALOT of powder ^.^ but otherwise, yeah it does feel like that doesn't it?

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    I have only used powder a few times, I don't care for the smell of it, but I think you have a point with it clogging the little pours in the spun bond material inside of a diaper.

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    You're probably right on that assumption. I mean you put on the powder to create a barrier between the moisture and your skin right? That powder isn't totally committed to your skin though, and can go and create that same barrier over the diaper.

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    Do you powder yourself or do you powder your diaper? This might be important.

    I'm not sure though, I stopped using powder years ago, as I seem to be immune to diaper rashes. (:

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    Sounds like it could be the powder is clogging the 'pores' of the diaper. Try just rubbing the powder into your skin better, if you just like the feel and smell of it. It shouldn't be a problem, though; I've seen lots of moms put a LOT of powder right onto the diaper before putting it on a baby.

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    darkfinn, i noticed that a lot also, (but i have a habit of overdoing it with the powder sometimes)

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    Powder dates back to the days of cloth diapers, and was really made for cloth. Other products such as Desiten and baby lotion have come along and probably are better for disposables. I personally use baby lotion. I love the smell, and even when I'm not wearing a diaper, like during the day and at work, I still can feel secretly babyish!

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    Yeah, you should only rub the powder on your skin. Dumping it right onto the diaper doesn't really hurt anything with cloth, but it could be exactly like you say with the disposables. I think desitin, etc would probably be worse in a disposable, since it pretty much sticks to anything ... including the diaper, and would be the exact same problem he's already having.

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    I've never had a problem with it, and it seems to work just fine for the moms who dust diapers with powder before applying them. If anything, it should be better for skin.


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