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    Hi there,

    I was just reading a thread about sweating at night in diapers. I've had that experience as well. After doing much research and talking to doctors, I've found that...contrary to logic...wearing some night nights actually stops me from sweating. It's to the point where if I wake up wet...from sweat...the wife will tell me to put on some Jammie's. Give it a try. I've tried air conditioning, fans, pillows, breathable blankets...but they didn't work. Wearing pjs, even over thick, wet diapers, does.

    Hope this helps!


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    I have found that wearing my footed pajamas to bed in the summer is comfortable. I run a fan all night blowing cold air into my room then sleep without any blankets except for my sleeper. I figured that is how babys sleep and its nice. then again some nights can be way to hot for fleece.

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    I agree with coboy. I wear my footed pj"s with AC.

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    Even with the AC in my house set to 70, I wake up all sweaty if I wear my fleece footie pjs.

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