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    What does everyone wish and dream about?

    I wish for world peace, good health, wealth (not to be too rich but to at least have a roof over my head and maybe a new car ), that there are no poor people on the streets trying to get by digging though trash ect.

    I dream for my fantasy's to become true for example Tail's, Hawkmon, Digimon, Pokemon. To have a nice house deep in the woods away from society. To travel the world someday.

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    World peace would be nice, though highly unrealistic - I think I'd be happier with a truly equalizing event that forced the rich to live as poor people, and poor people to continue thriving as they do, in a less sorrowful way. It's a good dream to have, I think, and most people have it - their notion of how to achieve it varies dramatically, however.

    I do occasionally dream of having a house out in the woods, and maybe live off the land and off the grid - I do tend to grow weary of society at large, but being a small city dweller, I'm quite entrenched in it.

    I'd love to invent some form of voluntaryist replacement for tax-based welfare and housing that actually worked - helping people is something I've always been keen on doing in the little ways I'm able, and fixing social problems that our forceful government hasn't been able to would bring great joy to me.

    On the more selfish side, I want to have two kids, become a racecar driver then become a taxi driver (really??) and if I don't die in a horrific crash or get stabbed by a drug dealer while dropping them off in a cab, I want to die at age 250, tripping really, really hard on acid while listening to every Tool and/or Pink Floyd album.

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    I wish the Czech government would let Randy Blythe out of prison because I dream of going to see Lamb of God, Dethklok and Gojira at the most excellent metal show ever in a few weeks.

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