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Thread: Hello guys this is my intro!

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    Talking Hello guys this is my intro!

    Hello People!
    When i'm in a sober mood, i worry, work, and think,
    when i'm in a drunken mood, i gamble, fight, and drink,
    when my moods are over, and my time has come to pass,
    I hope i'm buried upside down so the world can kiss my ass.

    I'm Matt, i live in shitty old stourbridge, (near birmingham) and i'd like to make friends, I'm a punk and i'm also into body modification like piercings and tattoos e.t.c, i have 9 piercings all together, (left ear x2, which are guaged, septum, eyebrow, nipple, tongue, labret and snakebites). I am also looking into pet play and other forms of domination. I shall add more to this when i have the time.

    And please, if you only want to talk about fetishes all the time then please don't bother, i like to have a range of topics to talk about

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    Hi Matt Welcome to ADISC. So could you tell more about yourself. Like what is your hobbies or interest don't be shy. And last is i hope you enjoy the site and find new friend.

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    Welcome there, Matt. People talk about all manner of stuff in the right places here, not just fetish related. I've a very good idea of where Stourbridge is having friends in the Black Country. Are there any particular bands or solo artists you like?

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