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Thread: The best choice of diaper to wear in public

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    Default The best choice of diaper to wear in public

    What is your choice of diaper to wear under clothes in public,I myself mostly choose Walgreens fitted briefs or other cloth backed diapers for these few reasons (1)They are comfortable(2) they are made of breathable material (3) they are completely silent under clothes, and(4) the refastenable velcro tapes. and I like plastic backed dont get me wrong but in public they are probably not a good choice,but anyway post your replies, but I do NOT want any insults, anything silly, lewd, completely off topic, I want a good clean thread please.

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    The only thing I've worn in public is Underjams. Silent and Discreet.

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    I don't really care that much what I wear...I'm not too concerned about it being too thick, so really any will do

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    any diaper.. I would even wear a x-plus diaper out in public if I had slightly more baggy pants.

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    Luvs Size 6 or Pampers Cruisers 7 as beltless pads under a standard brief: For their deodorizing properties, quietness, compactness, and the fact that they cannot be detected. They are reserved for situations where adult diapers are too risky: a job interview or jury duty, for example.


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    I've worn 90% of all different diaper brands I've ever used outside of the house. The only diaper I wouldn't dare wearing outside are Tena Flex, because they have the amazing ability to leak on the first wetting. I'm not really concerned about thickness either - I don't wear skin-tight pants, so it doens't matter. Besides, I usually don't wear them around people I know, and I don't really care what random people think, especially those who participate in the ever-popular game of "Pinch the Peachbutt"


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    I've worn abriform x-plus, super, super with maxi booster, bambino and depends in public. I have to say the bambino was probably the most fun. It's not too thick, but thick enough that it makes you feel... dangerous... or something. lol

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    I wear all my diapers out in public. The only thing you really need to worry about is leaks.

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    I agree with everyone that has said worry about leaks now mind u i have not worn extra think ones in public but i have worn depends and huggies and goodnites and its virtually undetectable IMO.

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