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Thread: Is it true? In america the juvenile court puts children in jail for smooking or underage drinking?

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    Default Is it true? In america the juvenile court puts children in jail for smooking or underage drinking?

    What's with the world? I've just heard that in america if you drink or smoke when you are underage or just simply skip the school when you are under the age of 18 then they can put you in jail? Is it true? and if the answer is YES when had America gone crasy? or it was always a crasy country?

    Sorry for the silly question but i just want to get informed about this.

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    In the United States it is seen as morally unacceptable for a still growing adolescents to consume harmful intoxicants and carcinogenics like cigarettes and alcohol. its unethical and flat out dangerous to let someone like a juvenile potentially harm themselves and their development. not to mention most teens would use these substances very irresponsibly and not know what they're doing or how to control themselves.
    And you can get arrested if you are enrolled into an education system like high school and you commit an act of truancy, or leaving when you're not supposed to. if your parents or legal guardians take you out of the school system then you can't be charged with truancy.

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    How is it crazy? It's teaching kids consequences for breaking the law and breaking them of bad habits before they get too bad.

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    and you think those ones who try alcohol or cigarett deserves jail time? In my Country there is no way you can get into jail if you commit a "crime" like this. but the shop assitant can get punishment for shelling cigarett or alcoghol to a minor.... BUT NOT prison....

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    That's because we don't promote bad behaviors in our country. Especially ones that damage and kill.

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    these are not real crimes.... as i used to say as a kid it's my own body not yours.... it's my life not yours.... Thank god i was born in this stupid little very poor Country stealing is another story that's a real crime, but smoking a cigarett? and the other things. here you can download as much mp3 as you want but in some states of America you can get jail time for it too.... but what do you get jail time for? for non existing things? uhh... interesting...

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    I am a teenager myself. I agree with the punishments. And it's "illegal" to download music, but everyone does that. No one actually gets in trouble for that one.

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    i agree with that murders deserve prison for life.... but for a cigarett....

    but i've read somewhere you can still get into trouble for it....
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    Lol. You get a fine and maybe overnight in a jail cell. It's more to scare kids out of smoking. Besides, the maximum jail sentence for a minor(for any crime besides murder) is 21 days. After that, they are free to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigreddog View Post
    That's because we don't promote bad behaviors in our country. Especially ones that damage and kill.

    What about the over consumption of fast foods? Sorry for sticking my nose in but it has been proved that bad diet is as bad for you as the carcinogens in ciggies and this is certainly a culture that is widely promoted by all the fast food outlets.

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