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Thread: How does weather affect your IC? Is it cold or hot. Wet or dry.

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    Default How does weather affect your IC? Is it cold or hot. Wet or dry.

    Mine seems to be affected by cold wet weather. I also can't take it too long

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    Other things being equal, I urinate less in hot weather than in cold weather. Being cold also makes my urge incontinence worse.

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    Me too, if I'm working out in the heat and sweating a lot then my clothes are more wet than the inside of the diaper. If it's cold out, I tend to wet a little less than normal but not too much. Probably because I'm drinking more hot coco or hot tea and if I wasn't it would actually be less like the heat. When it's raining outside, it's flooding inside! Normal weather, normal and steady changes. I also notice if I oversleep then I'll not only be extremely wet but also seem to flood more during that day *head-scratches*, not sure what the relation is there tho.

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    I don`t notice much difference weather the weather is wet or hot, but I do need to pee more when it`s very cold. Overnight seems to be about the same whatever the weather is like, I wet the bed most nights but not every night, a good week would be a wet nappy/diaper about 3 out of the 7 nights. A bad week would be wet 6 out of 7. All of that does depend on how well I sleep, if I sleep really well I am bound to have wet a time or two during the night. If I have a bad night`s sleep than I look at the clock and think to myself it`s time to use the toilet.

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    Technically the weather doesn't affect mine, but I do have to be more careful about keeping certain areas clean and dry during the summer if I don't want to be in extreme pain.

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    I don't notice any difference from the weather itself but when it's hot I drink more, therefore I pee more.

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    I should probably explain the summertime difference in my case. Just being the 'Summer' doesn't really make the difference but I work a lot outside and get drenched with sweat. It's more the 'dehydration' that makes the difference. If I am working indoors or on cooler days then it's basically 'normal' but I work in extreme heat/humidity conditions a lot. When the weather is 'nice' then I don't look like I just jumped in a swimming pool fully clothed after work.

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