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    Okay so all this time I have been dreading my mothers reaction to me someday exploring the AB word and having a daddy and what not.

    My sisters informed me the other day that my mom is fully expecting me to move in with one of my ABDL friends. And here is where I am totally shocked. She is Okay with it. Like she is actually happy to see me live my own life and do what I want.

    The reason that I am so surprised is that all our lives my mom pretty much has said all our lives that it would devastate her. But all the sudden she is Okay with it. It feels good that I can do what I want and not break my mothers heart. I was going to do my own thing anyway but now I have the support of my mom.

    So at some point I am probably going to move in with daddy at some point this year. I do not plan on being 24/7 baby but at least I can be a baby with daddy around when ever I want to.

    But I am really excited to finally get out of the house. I am ready to have my own life.

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    I am very happy for you! Living your own life is a very big and scary to step to take in life. I am also glad things have worked out good in the end! I hope you will be happy please keep us updated on how it goes!

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    dang, that is awesome. I'm in your previous situation right now, if i make a wrong move, I know my mom will be devastated, the ab/dl world is not a good place in the eyes of my parents. I wish it was easier to live my own life. Well, congrats for you.

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but according you your profiles you're all over 18. I guess I scratching my head wondering what the problem is. That is life, people grow up and do things on their own. Do parents approve of everything? No, so why let it stop you? You're not hurting anyone. I am sure you're a contributing member of society. You're adults now, go have fun in life. If you parents don't approve, then that is their problem.

    Case in point, I move from Ohio to Wisconsin. At the time nearly no one in my family approved of my decision. I made my decision anyhow and moved over 500 miles away. My father even told me he felt like hitting me because he felt so hurt by my choice at the time. I understood his hurt, but I also knew I had my own life to live. I'm an adult, and I did what I wanted.

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    Cherub Yes I am over 18 but I come from a very very conservative background(not my choice). But in the last few months things have turned upside down. My parents split up and dad was the controlling conservative one. I always thought my mom was part of it. But since the separation My mom is a totally different person. So though I would do m own thing anyway I am just excited about the fact that she is okay with it. My mom's opinion means a lot to me and I value her opinion. But I am doing my own thing and am happy about that.

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    As soon as I graduated from college, I got a teaching job about 70 miles from home. A year later I moved from home, New Jersey to Ohio, about 400 miles away. I met the woman who would become my wife and I started my family. My parents were supporting, and we visited maybe 4 times a year.

    They've been gone many years now, and I wish I could have spent more time with them. I wish I could have shared my children with them. My dad died before our first son was born, and my mom died less than a year after the birth of our son. I miss them, so I guess what I'm saying is that under normal conditions, parents should be in our lives. We do need to move out and start not just our lives, but our independence. But it's good to get together and share our lives as well, everything in its place.

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