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Thread: What are you like in school?

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    Default What are you like in school?

    So I was just curious, what are you like and how do you do in school? I'm actually a nerd lol I do honors and AP, I've maintained a 4.00 GPA for 11 years (sorry if that seems like bragging, but I worked my ass off for it so I feel I can lol) anyways how about you all? What is the TB/DL world like?

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    A mix of anxiety and bad habits gave me bad but passing grades until half way through grade 10 when I dropped out (I had also changed between 3 different schools during high school which only added to the stress/anxiety). Currently I am in alternative schooling in which I do most of my work online and I would say I am very quiet and concentrated :P. When I was in normal high school however I was fairly geeky. I wasn't concerned with popularity or anything like that so I just did whatever I wanted in a sense. I had my group of friends and we talked about video games and all that junk. I knew some of the more popular kids who seemed to like me and we would hang out sometimes. If I had any advice to give it would be to not worry about popularity and hang out with who you want, it's your life. Also school is for learning, good point to keep in mind.

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    3.22 GPA since my math brought me down, otherwise I would be at probably 3.6... I will get it back up though since this year in math i have a 100% so far

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    Second Semester of University but I failed three of my subjects last semester...
    Still, I have confidence this time because I'm not doing buiness subjects anymore.

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    Well now i'm in 12th grade of school waiting for so called "State Test" which basicly a nationwide test. Well i' not exactly smart in mathmatics so that's why i went to Social class (I don't know about other countries but in here in 11th grade of high school you basicly choose Social or Nature class well the different is in social you learn Sociology, Economy, and Geography and in Nature class you learn Biology, Physics, and chemical)

    Well i think i have good grades on Sociology,History,Indonesian and English. I hope i can go to Universitas Indonesia which is one of the prestigious university in Indonesia and my choice is either International Relationship or History.

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    AP sciences and maths (could do others, but rather not) and honors with distinction every year almost every term (90 or above average, no marks below 80). Stand out by simply being myself for the most part (geek in a cool way, random as hell, etc) so yeah.

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    I've taken a bunch of AP classes and do pretty well, mostly A's but a few B's. I like to be challanged so next year I'm taking four AP class, Pychology, Word Skills, Biology, and US History. They gave me an AP study hall because they don't think that I can keep up.

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    Well I feel pretty stupid compared to most of you. I'm the slacker and class clown. Or I just sleep in class. :/

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    I dont think I have ever gotten Straight A's in my life.. haha maybe in like 1st or 2nd grade??? I was an awesome student until like freshman year in highschool. There were just too many distractions I guess. Chasing girls, running the streets and playing ball were my priorities but towards my junior year I got serious again and graduated with a 3.0. Good enough to get into a University with a football scholarship. Now I'm doing better in school much more focused. Still dont know what I wanna do with my life though! :O

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    Im quiet, shy, and i crave a conversation from people, ironic huh? Im kind of a slacker, i almost never do my work either.

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