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    Lightbulb Scale of the universe


    I just wanted to share this with you, because it's pretty awesome. It's an interactive scale of objects in the universe, all the way from theoretical strings up to the estimated size of the universe.

    Scale of the universe 2

    Some of my favourite facts so far:
    -The diameter of a cofee bean is 10-29 of the known universe
    -The USA is bigger than pluto
    -A minecraft world is bigger than neptune
    -The outside of the universe is filled with a low resolution JPEG of static noise

    I hope you find this useful if you've yet to see this.

    Enjoy, discuss,

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    Thanks for linking this i love it
    All this does i affirm what i love about life and the universe. We simultaneously unique and important because of and insignificant in perspective which honestly is an amazing thing i think the sheer scale of the universe terrifies people

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    I love this.

    I study HIV. HIV is pretty damn small. I love to slowy go in all the way to the bottom of the scale, then see how much I need to zoom out to see HIV. Compared to other materials in the universe, HIV is pretty fucking big. The thought of measuring particles smaller than cells and molecules boggles my mind.

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    That is cool. It shows us just how small we are compared to the size of the universe and just how we are compared to the forces that make it up.

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