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Thread: Tomorrow's the first day of the rest of my life!

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    Default Tomorrow's the first day of the rest of my life!

    So as you all know I've been talking about coming out as Transgender to my family & friends but how I was waiting til after my first LGBTQ meeting and speaking with my Dr. But I can't do it anymore, I can't keep pretending anymore. Tonight I'm going out with my sister and her husband to see a movie and have dinner where I'm going to ask her to come by mom's tomorrow so we can all sit down and have a talk.

    I'm terrifed but I know i'm doing the right thing and that I will finally be happy. I spent last night talking with my friend (the one's who's been staying with me this whole month) and he's 110% behind me on this and say's if it makes me happy he'll support me. I awoke this morning feeling the best I've felt, confident & truly blessed to have woken to such a beautiful day and I gave thanks to God. Something I have NEVER DONE and it made me feel so good and confirmed I knew what i felt in my heart is right and true.

    So tomorrow is the day, the day I start the greatest journey of my life, i'm over come with emotions and shaking in anticipation, trying to prepare myself for their questions, doubt's and possible anger, but the most over whelming feeling I have is joy.

    ~Hugs & Kisses~ I love you all and thank God for bringing you all into my life.

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    I'm not a Sissy or Transgendered, but congratulations on being so brave, and I wish you all the best in telling your family

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    Best of luck with telling your family. I'm not sure I'm quite there yet. I'm still on the stage of building a support network. I thought I had found my city's lgbt center, but when I tried to go there it wasn't in the location listed on the website. Their phone number also turned out to be a disconnected one. I'm still trying to find a support group, but so far no luck. I tried emailing a gender therapist yesterday with the amount I think I can afford for sessions, but have yet to hear back. I at least have a best friend who's supportive and have also gotten one of his open-minded friends that knows more about this as contacts.

    So, I hope this goes well for you tomorrow and I hope soon to be getting going on my own journey.

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    Well done, I'm really happy for you because that is a big thing. To come out to your family as transgendered will be a huge thing for you and I hope everything goes well for you . I'm not transgendered but I have every faith in you

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    i wish the vary best of luck from the bottom of my heart! just reading threads by pepole like you make me smile, i hope everything works out as you know it should.

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    I wish you the best of luck and results. I wish I had those kind of guts.

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    Thank you all!!! I almost backed out tonight, I was shaking so hard i thought i was going to fall over but I asked my sister here tomorrow! So that's 1 step down!

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    Good luck and looking forward to hearing about it

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    The sound of a thousand screaming voices in my head have become silent, still, calm & content. Only one voice can be head now and that is mine, Robin Taylor Ann Dickerson has been introduced to the world outside of this box with it's little screen and lots and lots of little people.

    The walk through the house took 30 minutes with all the turning back to sit in my room to catch my breath and work my legs enough to walk up front and sit by my mom to make small talk until she decided to get up and watch TV.. I KNOW!!! here i am beating around a bush with a toothpick trying to bear my soul and she wants to watch TV! LOL yeah the 15 minutes of small talk did that but hey it's a process. Following her into the room i sat beside her and asked if she might wanna wait a bit longer, i proceeded to bear my soul for all it was, just WAITING for her to fly off the handle and scream GET OUT OF MY HOUSE.... but that never happened, what came out made me cry and shake, she sad she loved me no matter what, she might not understand but it's not her life but she does love me. Towards the end I was smiling so much my cheeks hurt, and it was a true honest to god smile, not the fake, forced, gritting my teeth and bear it smile I've used my whole life, but a real smile.. and it felt good.

    I told her i'm going all the way to the point of surgery, i'm ok with that "thing" hanging between my legs it will serve as a reminder of who i was and how far I've come. But that's just me i can't/won't expect people to understand that,but i do. My sister wasn't here for the talk but is on her way over now so I get to do this again but this time with out the fear in my voice, i'm still scared of how she'll react but I know she loves me and will still love me after we're done.

    I have never spoken these words but God is truly great, for giving me the strength to stand up and declare what I knew in my heart of hearts to be true and right, and for that i will be forever grateful.

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    That's so great! God, that must have been hell to go thru with. It wss hard enough for me to tell my therapist by eMail. But the results show that you've succeeded!

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