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Thread: Hello All, From Virginia

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    Default Hello All, From Virginia

    Hey All, from virginia

    looking to talk to people in my similiar likings / thoughts

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    Hi Welcome to ADISC. So could you tell more about yourself. Like what is your hobbies or interest don't be shy. And last is i hope you enjoy the site and find new friend

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    Welcome to ADISC Welsh. It's always nice to see a fellow Virginian. Tell us a little more about yourself, including your non-AB interests and hobbies.

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    Hi, Welsh. I'm from Virginia, too. Nice =) As others have already asked, what other things do you enjoy? What are you up to?

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    I am 24/male, work retail for over 5 years, currently employed retail for 3+ years, country kid, outdoor type of guy, lookin for a female with similiar interests in the DL world.

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