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Thread: Favorite Cloth-backed diaper

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    Question Favorite Cloth-backed diaper

    I am curious what is everyone's favorite cloth backed diaper? I know mine would have to be ABU Cloth Back Cushies or Attends Overnight Breathables

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    Pampers! But I have tried the cloth-backed Cushies, and I thought they were fantastic.

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    The Cloth Backed Abri-Form X-Plus are probably the best Cloth-backed diaper I have ever worn.

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    Restore briefs by Medline but you have to buy them in a case ...wah :-( lol Attends Extended Wear, ABU Cushies Cloth like, and Abena Cloth Like are all runners up.

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    I use Tena ultras on a daily basis and think they are a good cloth covered option. Pretty good absorbency and I never feel like they are leaking because of the back sheet.

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    Sometimes I don't mind Cloth-Backed especially with living here in Hot Arizona.

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